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I didn't just have one but I learnt some lessons!


so I smoked that one, then another, then another and one turned into a pack In two days. I thought id attempt again eventually and must not be ready. Then it dawned on me yesterday how after two days of being back on cigarettes how awful I felt. I didn't feel clean or fresh or as energetic, almost felt dirty! So I threw my pack in the bin yesterday morning and although I smoked for two days in glad I did. Because before I struggled with my quit every second of every day, this time I think I know how much healthier I felt as a non smoker,I know how much more breathless it makes you, I dont want to die like my gran unable to breathe through smoking, the fags dont have a hold on me now, I did my research, I read two quit smoking books in two days, I got patches and gum and strips and a stronger e cig, if one thing doesn't work ive got back up, I know now how cigarettes are nothing special and ill make sure I smash this quit, so now I class myself as being on day two. I will do this! I realised you cant just have one they over power you. Well I wont let them control me, they are my enemy and I'm at war. I'll stay strong. This time I'm not full of dread I'm excited, I'm the one in control!

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Yes!!!! You're back on track !! Way to go!!

So glad you see that smoking does nothing for us. I use to believe in my first 4 months that I needed cigarettes. No way and not even one Puff because it's that one Puff that gets the addiction going again. Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦 xx


After reading your post Bunny. You've got this nailed, you are so gonna do it, your determination is absolutely coming through loud and clear.

You are right to be excited, I'm with you all the way 👊🏻


yes and as if I needed more convincing a lady sat next to me this morning in a cafe told me how her husband has a machine on every night helping him breathe cause of copd caused by years of smoking, it was like I was meant to bump into her and hear these stories. I see my quit as my chance of escape, honestly last time I was climbing the walls mourning a lost friend, missing them every second, this time feels different. I dont miss them at all.

You got this sorted bunny85 - we all live and learn and your determination is jumping out from the screen! You've got a plan, you've got support, you've got the will - nothing's gunna stop you!

jax :) x


Great news bunny, your determination will get you through and yes you are in control and you can do it🚭 Your enthusiasm is contagious so well done👏🏼👏🏼😊

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