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So,my back surgery is definitely going ahead tomorrow afternoon and to be honest I'm just a bit nervous now.Spoke to my surgeons Secretary on Friday (he was with her at the time) so I've told him that he can't have any cocktails tonight(!!!!) but actually forgot to say that I still wasn't smoking I guess it'll be a good surprise for him tomorrow.

So,to all of you fabulous,fantastic folk out there,EmJay,Sinfree Pete and everyone else I haven't mentioned,THANK YOU ALL for helping me get to 18 weeks cig free,my healing time has been reduced and if I need a graft then that will take better being a non smoker,it's all down to you,xxxx H

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Hey H, we'll all be sending wheelie bins full, of positive strong vibes and get well wishes to you. You just 'erry up and get better and let us know as soon as you can that all went well :-)

You're right about the healing process and also by being a non-smoker, you will have reduced any other risks too.

Don't forget to let Mr Surgeon know that you've stopped as I'm sure he'll be as chuffed for you as we are ;-)

Luv n hugz



Plenty of good vibes will be sent to you tomorrow. You will breeze it girl, no problem. love and hugs. xxxxxxx


Thank you both ssssssssssooooooooo much.Will post asap but think I'm in intensive care for 24 hrs post op and I bet the bloomin hospital won't have WiFi, still, at least i won't have to worry about how I'm going to try and sneak a craft ciggie !!!! :)


Aup H :)

So your back surgery is tomorrow then, thats good gal, cos then it will be over and done with eh :) ermmmm just 1 little bit of advice, maybe sneak your makeup mirror in with you, cos you will be laying on your front, soooo you can look through the mirror and make sure he's doing the job properly eh :D :D

Loads of positive vibes, luv and huggs heading your way for tomorrow H :) :) See ya soon, when your up and about running around like a young en :) :) Pete :) xxxxx


All the very best for tomorrow, I had my second back surgery 12 months ago now and doing really well as I am sure you will too, and the not smoking will be a huge plus for you too particularly with the anaesthetic sending positive vibes to you yellowsnowdrop x


Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you will be up and running in no time. I'll look forward to hearing from you soon. xx


Hope it all goes well!


Good luck H.I hope all goes well for you tomorrow, you make a speedy recovery and then get back on here again soon. Best wishes Andi. xx


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