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Hello everybody, my name is Ryan and I'm attempting to become smoke free for the 3rd time! You know what they say about 3rd time lucky. Fact is I'm so much more motivated this time. The technique I'm using is the e cigarette, I've tried patches and failed, I've tried the gum and failed also. I'm nearly at my 4th day now without touching a cigarette and am getting more motivated by the day. 

The strange thing is I'm still getting slight withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

I'm sweating a lot more than I normally do, feeling very tired but also restless at the same time.

If anybody has any experiences with using an e cigarette too quit and what sort of things I'm likely to expect during my time quitting. I'm in too deep to give up now so if you guys can give me a heads up on what I'm dealing with here I would appreciate it a lot :) 

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Hi Ryan and welcome to quit support😀😀

Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking and let's make it your time to shine ⭐️⭐️😀😀

I can't help you with info on e-cig as I never used it myself, but I am sure other members will share info 😀😀

The symptoms you have mentioned, are a common part of your body recovering from tobacco.

Have a read under the pinned posts as there is a lot of info on what to expect as our body adjusts👍👍

We have a wee mantra we use NOPE Not One Puff Ever..tattoo this on your brain 👍I

Stay strong..quitting is a roller coaster of emotions both physical and psychological - however it can be tough at the start but with a strong determination you will win the battle

All the very best of luck

Does this make your quit date the 19th of March?


Thanks :) I'm more than certain I'll be able to crack it is this time! My quit date would be the 19th of March yes! 


i have added you to our wall of winners and now you have a new badge against your name - we update these daily for first week then weekly through to 3 months - monthly after that :) :) 

Again - welcome to our quit community :) :) 

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Hi Ryan and welcome to quit support😊

Well done on making the best decision for your health👍🏼 I used ecig and found it very good but please remember to drink lots of water as it helps a lot. The first few days are a bit unsettling as your body is going through a lot of changes but hang in there as it's all very normal. If you can manage to fit in some excercise it will help your recovery. Stay close to this site and if you need anything, just shout😊 Good luck and NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭


Welll done Ryan 3 rd time lucky and you will and can do it this time :) yes the restlessness and tiredness are all symptom s of withdrawel, and will pass. Your in the hardest weeks. And it is a roller coaster with your emotions, but well worth it:)  I too have quit with the e cig and have tried several times and failed. I think the e cig got me through the first few tough weeks, use now and again now when feel the urge. Drink plenty of water while vaping as can cause headaches and dry sore throats. Stay strong and stay close to this site, as the support will help you through the good and bad days :) good luck ( you can do it) :)  :)

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Whoohoo Ryan day 4 and over halfway through the first week 👍

You've had some sound advice from the ladies so just holler if ya need anything 😊😊

Good luck with your quit 🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭🚭

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Welcome Ryan🌟

Awesome decision to quit!!!!   My first month I would go into sweats and I was exhausted!!!!!!  My teeth ached, my muscles ached, I was nauseous  and I felt like my thinking was slow and unclear... Weird... Just remembered that ... Our mantra on site us: Not One Puff Ever!!!!!!

1 puff=1 pack

Best wishes from 🇨🇦


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