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Let the Games Begin!!!!

I am now the proud owner of a shiny new e-cig, but sadly not the one I ordered online! Nope, after being disappointed by it's non arrival in the post yet again I just jumped into my car and drove to the nearest e-cig shop - and I'm so glad I did. Not only was the lovely young man who served me brilliant, but there were three other ladies who came into the shop whilst I was there, just to top up on e-liquid so I let them go before me, and they were just amazing - so friendly, so encouraging and doing so well since stopping smoking they completely motivated me (again!)

So practise day 1 starts tomorrow - my first task is not to have a cigarette when I get up and just take it from there - although I have planned a trip out so I'm not sitting around all day thinking about it and I'll have something else to think about! Phew, here we go, here we go, here we go go go!!!! xx :)

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Thank you Jilly! Just hoping that after all this talk, I can actually carry it through! Although I know I couldn't have planned better! xx


Hey Chrissie that's great news gal :)

You sound really really motivated now :) soooooo, tomorrow is day 1 of practice run 1 :) Good luck Chrissie, although saying that, I don't think you need any luck, cos I know your really going for it this time :) :)

But am still sending you some happy practicing huggs, just incase you may need them :) xx


Monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! I am so happy to hear from you!

have no doubt that I absolutely do need those practicing hugs - so bring em on! :) :D :D

Above all else though I am desperate to stop this disgusting habit and I really do feel this site has helped me so much to plan and prepare to do it - crickey I remember one of my very first questions on here was what do you mean by planning? Wow that actually seems a long time ago!

So anyway, how are you feeling today? Today is your day 19, you are doing so so well and you are helping so many others whilst you are doing it - it's amazing really! We must remember to not forget that you are doing this too!

Now back to e-cigs - do you find you are using one like a real cigarette, ie smoking it like a real cigarette, or do you just take one puff at a time as and when you need one? What is the best or right way to do this? Stupid question I know, but I forgot to ask it when I was in the shop! ;(

Oh it's all so exciting isn't it! xxx


Chrissie, am sooooooo happy for you gal, cos you sound really determined to do it, and flippin HAPPY with it :) :)

I've had a very good day today thank you gal, mind you saying that, ave been in bed for most of it :o cos been working nights, and well, I dont sleep too well during the day :( Sooooo have got my batteries charged up now and rearing to gooooooooo :D :D

E-cigs, ermmmmm, I'm sorry, but I dont know much about them yet :o perhaps try a puff now and again and see what that does for you, if you feel you want more, then use it like a ciggie and have a few puffs at it in one go :) Although I bought one a Year ago now, I've never really used it, so am not sure gal :o

I'm working tomorrow, but will be on later, and I will want a FULL update of you day see :o :) Speak soon :) xx


Hi ChrissieG........good on ya,have as many practice runs as you need,but I don't think you will need any!!!! Why? Because you have got a good plan in place and you've got your mind set if that makes sense.I have an e-lite and to be honest I don't use it very often,but I carry it with me!! It's like my comfort.

One thing someone said to me don't treat an e-cig like a real one ie put it down,and only use it when you need to.Something else to remember what are(were) the most enjoyable cigarettes of the day.....exactly :) the same as everyone on here so just keep the e- cig close,just in case :)

Good luck tomorrow,you can do this xx speak soon Nick


Hi Nick

Thank you so much for your lovely message and thank for the advice re the e-cig. I am so pleased you said about not using it as a replacement cigarette. Mine wasn't charged up until 8pm tonight (the first charge is the longest one) and I thought I would have a go but I realised I was trying to use it like a cigarette. I had never wanted one as a replacement cigarette - only, like you, as a kind of comfort or support or back up so what you say completely makes sense to me.

So tomorrow morning is my first practice at my change of routine and then I'm having a wonderful adventure by visiting the brand new multi million pound Sheffield Market! Oh yes, how exciting is that!!!! I actually can't wait and I'm as excited about that as I am about stopping smoking - ha ha ha

Anyway I'm off to bed now and will hopefully enjoy a nice little lie in before starting my whole new adventure!

Night night and thanks again for your message

Chrissie xx :)


Well, all the best for tomorrow, try twisp.co.za they are the best ever, they will post to you, and the top-up liquids. I'm using the vanilla, sometimes with a drop of popcorn, delicious. Let us know how you go, but it's a good plan, one day at a time.


Thank you Jaja for your comment, but we do not encourage people on this forum to partake in e-cigs, because they havnt yet been truly tested :o :o

Could you please tell me how long you were smoking for ?

How many attempts at quitting have you had ?

What have you tried before to help you to quit ?

How long have you been quit for ?

Now you have quit, using the e-cig, I know you will be financially better off, but what about your health ? Have you seen much difference in your breathing :o

I'm sorry for asking all these questions, but I just dont know much about the e-cig :o

Pete :)


Well, I've quit a few times, the longest was for a year, since then, I've quit, and tried to quit so many times I've lost count. This time I'm going slow, using the Twisp at work, so that cuts the frequency down quite a lot, but yet to do what Chrissie has done, her plan, simple though it sounds, is the one, trying again tomorrow!


Also, I've tried smokenders, stopped for 1 yr, hypnotism,(waste of time), Alan Carr book and a meeting, I just didn't 'get it' at all, patches, got nicotine poisoning as I took off the patch, had a cigarette, then replaced the patch!


eww yukky, I've overdosed on nicotine too, not nice is it, makes you feel very, very sicky. I'd have a nicotine lozenge then an e-cig straight after and then wonder why I suddenly felt incredibly sick. I like your style though, take off the patch, have a ciggie, then stick it back. :D


Hi Jaja (is it okay if I call you that?)

Are you joining us tomorrow? That is so fantastic.

You sound like you tried everything, like many of us have, but this is unique, this is a support system of people who totally and utterly understand what if feels like and therefore can support as well as motivate you to keep going.

I'm so happy you are stopping tomorrow, you must keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on, and most importantly of all believe in yourself - this is not a bad thing to do, this will not hurt us physically, all we are doing is taking control back from the cigarettes and saying NO, we're not doing that anymore. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will be easier than ever before because we have a fantastic support system now.

So be positive and be happy, this is fantastic!

Keep in touch and if you do struggle get back online and put a post on the Daily chat - someone will get back to you asap and they will help you!

Best wishes

Chrissie x


Thank you jaja for coming back to me :)

If you really want to quit the smokes, then we are all here to help you :) Weeeee all need a plan to help us through our quit, and like you have just said, Chrissie has got it off to a flippin tee pal :) She knows exactly what to expect :) and she has put the remedies in place :) :)

You tooo Jaja can do this, with a bit of thought :)

Ok Jaja, have you ever tried the lozenges, cos I tell you, ermmm, they just take the edge off that urge when you NEED that bit of help :) Jaja, whether you want to use the e-cig or try something else, is entirely up to you pal, BUT i will say, come on and give it another try tomorrow with Chrissie, Louby, Dave, joolz, Oscar, etc come on jaja you flippin Know you can do this, with the support from others tooooo, you just cant loose :) :)


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