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I was very excited when I managed 8 days without a cigarette and began to prefer my electronic cigarette. However, this did not last as I woke up one morning and could not breathe. My doctor now is testing me for COPD and given me a ventalin inhaler. What I find so weird is that although I do suffer with chest infections every winter I have never experienced symptoms of COPD. I have stopped the e cig and I am now using nicotine replacement. I feel so miserable. I have been trying for twenty years to give up and the cost in both health and monetary terms is ridiculous. Why do I do it?

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  • Wendy, such a shame you had to stop the e cig... I wonder if it had something to do with the liquids you were vaping? There are many poor quality liquids out there, but there are also some high quality liquids. Vaping has been helping me along quite a bit. Of course, if your lungs are compromised right now, the patches are a better option, for sure. Hang in there and be strong. Maybe take this COPD as a way of your body inviting to start the New Year in a better, smoke-free way? Maybe you could talk to your doctor about Champix? It's working for me, maybe it will work for you too?

    Best of luck and take care. Have a healthy and happy 2016.

  • Thank you so much. I bought the best quality UK made Jac liquid and I am not allowed champix unfortunately. But I am very determined to see the new year in as a non smoker :) so I will continue with the patches and anything else that will feed my craving.

  • Wa to go, that's the spirit! :-) Have a very happy 2016.

  • The ecig wouldn't affect your breathing because it dosent go in to your lungs I have COPD and used the ecig to stop and I still use it

  • Hi Wendywoo66 :) a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) :)

    Wendy, I think we all know deep down in our minds that smoking just aint flippin good for us :o perhaps when we were younger and it was all the trend, but not now eh :o

    As for the e-cig, these arnt for everybody :o But saying that, am just wandering why you managed for 8 days with it, before you suffered from breathing difficulties :o Wendy, did you change your e-liquid part way through those 8 days :o Plus, there are 2 different types of e-liquids, if you have an e-cig shop near you, then please nip in and have a word with them :)

    Rite, COPD !!, we have quite a few members on here who suffer with COPD and I think very nearly all of them have become worse whilst quitting than they were before :o { This makes me wander perhaps you had COPD whilst you were smoking but didnt realise it !! } But, But, a few weeks down the quit journey and thay start to recover :) as in, chuck their inhaler away and some have got rid of their tablets :o :o but, you just have to give it time :) :)

    What sort of NRT are you using :o cos we could perhaps help you with that :) and as for you feeling miserable, I'm afraid thats part of the package when we first quit, BUT, it does get easier with time, again, we just have to be patient :) cos you think how long you been smoking for :o

    Wendy, if you could please let me know your quit date, then I will gladly sort you out with a Winners badge, cos thats what you are gal, a Flippin WINNER :) :) Never ever give up giving up :)

    If you look to your right on this post, you will see Pinned posts and Topics, have a nosey around them :) :)

    We have a motto on here, NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

    Hope to speak soon :) Pete :)

  • Hi Pete

    I did a lot of research before I invested in an excellent E cig. I then went into their shop and tried all the different flavours and strengths etc. I chose the more expensive UK made liquid and the very first time I tried it I felt my lungs go very very tight. I did not know what was happening at the time and continued to puff like a good un on my new best friend. The breathing difficulties developed over the period of 8 days until one day I got out of bed and could hardly breath. It was so bad I have not used my e cig since. I am gutted because I really did like it.

  • Hi Wendy :)

    I'm just thinking a Inhalator might suit you :) cos its a plastic ciggie that you put a nicotine cartridge in and suck on, there is no vapour, you just get a kick of nicotine, plus this way you will still get the hand to mouth thing :)

    You can get these from your local chemist or most big supermarkets :)

  • Ha great minds think alike I am sucking on one right now :)

  • Ha ha nice one gal :) I hope its helping you :)

    Wendy, if you could please let me know your quit date, then I can award you with a Winners badge :)

    Just you shout out Wendy if you need any help and we will gladly try to help you :)

  • I looked online for these and all I found were these big ol face masks--do you know where I can get find them and give it a try--Im doin e cig now--but open to other things thanks

  • Hiya Wendy and welcome to quit support😊

    Sorry to hear your diagnosis and from what I know, they actually add something to cigs to widen your airways so you can inhale the deadly chemicals more easily😩

    Many of our members with COPD struggle initially but it's really worth it in the long run. It's a roller coaster of emotions this quitting malarkey but stay close to this site as there's lots of help available😊

  • Hi Wendy welcome to the site and happy new year. Well done on 8 days smoke free. I was miserable and raging all the time but it gets better. Hope u have better luck with the NRT it is getting me thru 👀🍾🙊🍦🍦😇

  • Thanks and happy new year to you too. I think smoking is no longer an option !

  • Yeah definately the right thing to give it up. 😀

  • Hi wendy and welcome to quit support

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis- however by quitting smoking you are giving yourself the very best chance to minimise any further damage :) :)

    Keep this site nice and close, we have a great bunch of members who will support you along your quit journey :) :)


  • Hi I used the pencig to stop smoking in July 2014 liquid flavoured. My breathing once I stopped the normal cig got worse but that's just all the gunk coming out of your lungs and the ecig the vapour doesn't go in to your lungs think I have got that right

  • Hi Amanda2, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and a massive WELL DONE to you for being smokefree for very nearly 18 months :) :) that is some quit ya got going on there gal :) :)

    Amanda, if you could please let me know your quit date, then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and keep your Winners badge up to date :) :) and thankyou soooo much for trying to help Wendywoo66 :) its soooo kind of you :) :) :)

    Enjoy your smokefree life Amanda :) and hope to speak soon gal :) :)

    Pete :) x

  • Hi monky I can't remember the exact date I stopped just remember it was July 2014 I had support from the the stop smoking group at St. John's hospital in Livingston they could support me but not supply the ecig at that time. I still use the ecig when I feel stressed at the low strength xx

  • Hi Amanda, no worries gal :) what if I put your quit date as mid July 2014, like the 15th July :) is this ok with you Amanda :o

    I dont think any hospital supports the e-cig yet :o cos it's not regulated by the Government !!

    I too still use the e-cig at those ermmm, times eh :o :D :D I'm a little ahead of you, I quit 27th May 2014 :) the best ever decision I made in my life :) :) yep even better than choosing er-in-doors :D :D :D xx

  • Hi monky yes that date is ok. Well done to you in quitting. I read some ware that the NHS is now supplying the e cig on prescription to aid people to stop smoking think that is a good idea I couldn't get it when I stopped because the NHS didn't recommend it at that time but they still supported me. I have COPD and have just recently been diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis but life goes on.

  • Luv that 17 month badge Amanda, well done on a terrific quit👍🏼

    Welcome to our lovely quit family😊

  • Thank you brainwood well done to you too

  • Thank you Amanda :) :) I now have you well and truly logged in :) :)

    There are quite a few members on here with COPD, perhaps you will get to meet some of them :) :) but I'm sorry, I dont know what psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis is, so I will go and find out Amanda, then I will know eh :) :)

    You take care now young Lady and see's ya soon :) :)

  • Hi monky I have also joined the BLF Beyond Psoriasis and Arthritis Action sites on HU. I find them very helpful as well

  • you are a nicotine addict--That's the truth and it isn't easy to overcome addiction--Keep trying--and wish you luck

  • smoked for 25 years 2 pack per day. I;m using e-cig now for 1,5 year (first atempt to quit cigarete its going well) after 2 month of e-cig I had symptoms that you are described ok I went to gp make all examinations and so on. Actually I was fearless when I was smoking... All come negative all the symptoms held about 2 month. My probles was pain in the chest and short of breath, the pain was from spastic colitis where was came from the anxiety(which I dint understand when I quite cig) the breath was ok after 2 weeks or so. I think every people is different and some have strange withdrall some not. So be patient , patient is the key, go day by day..unfortally miserable is one of the feeling you have to be patient. Stay focus think your health in six months....in six months you will be ok,,,,,, patienttttt good luck....stay focus

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