Daily Chat: Tuesday 10th June 2014

Daily Chat: Tuesday 10th June 2014

Good afternoon to all you lovely folks :-)

I had an early start this morning and have only just made it back to my desk now.

I was invited by our local hospital with the judging of more than 600 posters designed by young people (of different ages) about the dangers of smoking. Wowser, you should see the outlook on smoking that some of the younger folks have. They all just say it how they see it really! :o

I've also had a meeting about FaceBook and Twitter - Both of which I am completely rubbish at but do try my best :-/ :-/ So hopefully by using some of the practical tips I gained I should be able to step up to the mark in the world of social media... watch this space :-/

Anwhose, I hope all is good in the hood here and you are all enjoying a nice sunshiny Tuesday day :D :D

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please do ask and we'll do out best to help :-) You may even want to write up about your own stopping smoking journey, we'd love to hear all about it :-)

Also, remember, that any questions that you have may help others who are wondering the same thing :-/ :D

Soooo..... chat away! :D :D

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  • :o :o

    Where is everybody?

    Kettle is on :D :D

  • Oh yes please a cuppa would be wonderful, thanks :) you certainly need one after your busy day Emjay, no rest for the wicked :D :D

  • Hey Briarwood :-)

    I'm just about to head off home but will pop on again later and see what antics are going on :-)

    Hope you've had a nice day today :-)

  • Hi all

    It's very quiet on here today!!!

    You must all be enjoying the lovely sunshine (well we have sunshine here in Essex)

    First day back at work for me today

  • Aup Beth, I hope you enjoyed your first day back at work gal :o ;)

    Yep, we got the sun nowwwwww, but as I was driving home from work, gosh did the heavens open up :o :( I was on the A38 going about 120mph in my van :| :D had to slow down to about 40, cos it was raining that harddddddd, you could not see 10 yards in front of me and do you know Beth, there were still people driving with no flippin lights on :P :P flippin idiots they are :P :P

    Within a couple of minutes of each other, I witnessed 2 very very near misses cos people just didnt have there lights on !! you just couldnt see them !! flippin pratttttts !! Anyway Beth, thats my moan over with now gal :)

    You look very sun tanned and full of joy after your hols, so you must have really enjoyed it Beth, am so so happy for you :) :)

    Speak soon gal and flippin enjoyyyyyy that sun while you can eh :) :)

  • Hey Monky - I had that storm too - wow it was crazy bonkers!!! I somehow managed to avoid getting wet though - it started just after I got into the car and stopped, an hour later, just before I got out again! - such fun! :D :D :D xx

  • Hi Chrissie :)

    Gosh gal, you were lucky, cos if you had been out in it, you would have been drenched gal and I mean flippin drenched :o :o

    Chrissie, how did it go at work with the less or nill nicotine ?? xx

  • Hmm, well I'm so down about work at the moment I'm not sure which is affecting me the most - having said that, I did not have a major craving this evening like last night so I don't think my down-ness is anything to do with not smoking!

    xx :) :)

  • Awwww Chrissie, i thought you were getting used to your new roll at work, thats a shame gal, it really is :(

    But am soooooo happy for you that you are still going ahead with the no nic :) your doing ever so well, you are one hell of an amazing Lady and you had better feel proud of yourself, cos I flippin doooooo :) :) :) xx

  • Ah sweetie, as hard as the hard moments are, I'm not going back now - I love being a non smoker - even if I was a secret smoker so not many people actually know about my achievement - except the important people in my life which includes everyone on here! :) :) :) xxx

  • Oooh we had the horrendous weather and thunder and lighting this evening, I love it though in a scary way haha,,A massive well done to you Chrissy on managing Nic free,,,

  • I love the old thunder and lightening..... I live on a hill and overlook the reservoirs and love it when the weather is awful... :D

    We've had nothing down here :(

  • Ooooohh that sounds amazing,, yes I would love that too sat in a warm house watching the storms :D :D

  • especially when its force gale winds and it just howls around the house....A mazing... :D

  • Ooooooohhhhhhh yes,, getting me quite jealous lol :) :D

  • Nice one Chrissie, you are very important to us too :) :) xx

  • Oops not sure why only half my message showed on here

    First day back at work after my hols, shock to my system nearly falling asleep lol. Hope every one is ok and not struggling too much, have a lovely evening xx

    Ps Jilly hope your feeling a bit better, miss you.

  • Good evening Emjay, its lovely to see you :) :)

    I doooo hope you have recovered from the buckets of see through milk you had the other night ;) :D :D Yeah, I see you back to full noddin again, ermmmm, working again, sorryyyyy typo :D :D :D

    Well, its 2 weeks for me today and just like yesterday, no lozenges at work today :D :D but I had to shove one in my mush when that storm hit driving home, but am getting there eh :) Feeling proud of myself at the moment, cos have cut down on snacking on the nuts too, just weighed myself, still flippin 11st 2lb, soooo am rite happy with that :) :)

    I suspect you have your feet up now, sooo, you enjoy it gal, cos you deserve it :) :)

    See's ya soon :) xx

  • Oh sweetie, I completely forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on your TWO WEEK ACHIEVEMENT!!! Well done, you are a complete star xxx :) :) :) xx

  • Thank you Chrissie, thats lovely gal, thank you :) :) xx

  • Oooohhh Hess congratulations on your two weeks Monky,,, a massive well done to you and Erica or whatever it's called haha,, and omg managed to not put weight on too wehey mr amazing Monky man

  • Good evening Fresher, Thank you :) :) ermmm, amazing not !!, but a monky yeahhhhhh :D :D :D

  • Hi all,

    Emjay hope your ok after your busy weekend of see through milk...... mmmm getting into social media - good luck with that as I'm rubbish at it :(

    Bethjayne glad you enjoyed your hols and welcome back to work with a bump :)

    Chrissie sounds like your having a bit of a tough week and it's only Tuesday..... on the positive, whoo hoo your still nic free :)

    Monky, 120mph in your van........ naughty naughty monky... And 11st 2lb....stop bragging you skinny person you :)

    Briar - Hello :)

    Anyone else on here this evening - well a big howdydoody to you too :)

    love droopy xxoo

  • Hey, Droopy, it was going down hill with the wind behind me ;) :D :D :D

  • Errrrm did you eat Martin's picture by any chance? :D

  • lol :D

  • Ha ha ha Good evening Briarwood, I can truly promise you that I didnt have any Brussels yesterday :D :D :D

  • MMMMMM you must have a lot of wind then errr monky ;)

  • Before you say anyfink..........you walked right into that one ;D ;D

  • YEP, I flippin new it, as sooooon as I flippin posted it, I thought that flippin droooooopy Woman will have me about that :P :P :D :D :D

  • LMAO........ I can't help it....sorry Mister Monky... by the way - way to go, two weeks smoke free WHOO flipping HOO, half way thru to your new badge :D :D

  • Ooooo, fanks Droopy :) :) xx

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