Tough start

Well its been a tough start to the year my mother in law died on new years day evening and my mums partner collapsed and me and my husband had to rush round there last night to make sure they were ok turns out he had some sort of virus and is feeling ok today and on a couple of occasions I did think I could do with a fag but thought about it and realised the situations would still be the same wheather I had a fag or not in probably vaped a little more but nope not one

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  • Hi Donesmokin, thats just flippin fantastic :) you are one awesome Lady for getting through such stressful times, am soooo PROUD of ya gal :) :)

    I'm so sorry to hear your mother in law past away, my heart goes out to you and family :) :)

    I hope your mums partner feels better now :) and I also hope he has been to see the doc :) especially if he passed out :o whether he had had one too many drinks or not, this needs sorting gal :)

    As for you vaping a little more, yep, I would have done the same :) :) The main thing is, your still SMOKEFREEEEEEEEEE :) :) :)

    Nope, Nope, Nope alllllll the wayyyyyyyyy :) :)

  • Congratulations on your strength, resolve, and restraint at a very stressful time!

  • I'm so very sorry to hear your sad news. You've had an awful lot to cope with and I admire your strength and determination to keep your quit. We have to relearn how to cope without smoking and you've done really well. Im ever so proud of you. Thinking of you and your family at this sad time 🌹 x

  • So sorry to hear about your sad news. You have done brilliantly considering with what your dealing with at the moment. I am so proud of how you thought it through and didn't light up.

    Your srength is amazing 🌺🌺

  • Good job on being smart and realizing that the cig would not help the situation!

    I'm so sorry to hear the rough start of your year.

    I do hope it all gets better from here.



  • Thank you so much I know that not long from now the worst of the cravings will be gone and then I really believe I will never smoke again thank you for all your kind words and encorougement I am sure that all the posts on this site must really help people I've even encorouged one of my freinds at work to try vaping and give up smoking even she has said she can see the difference in my skin and teeth and she couldn't believe how soft my hair was so it is worth it.

  • Ahhh donesmoking that's an awful start to the year for you and your family.... your in my thoughts and prayers 😊

    But on the positive, you didn't cave in and that's FANTABULOUS 😊

  • Hello,

    I just need to say that I am very proud of you for not giving in.

    I cannot think of a situation that can be more stressful then a death in the family and still be capable of resisting.

    Your courage will definetly help others when dealing with temptation.

    Blessing for all your family and may your Mother-in-Law rest in peace 💜

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