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When will I start to feel better?


After spending a few days in hospital just before Christmas with "Infective exacerbation of my Asthma" with Bronchiectasis on top of that, I decided I had to quit the fags once and for all!!

I've been fag free now for 40 days, but still feel as rough as anything!! What is going on?

I can still hear me wheezing at night, I can't do long walks without getting out of breath, I can take a slow amount of air in, but if asked to blow out quickly, I think I would pass out!! My skin doesn't look glowing, more like rashy and pale, I've put on half a stone, am permanently tired and could sleep for ever, Oh yes and I feel dizzy most of the time.

Plus I snore like a p.i.g so my husband keeps telling me!! (I have to beleive him as I woke myself up, lol)

I actually felt sooo much better when I smoked!!!

Someone please tell me when or if it does get better.

The only thing I can say that is a positive thing, is that my fingers don't smell anymore.

So someone somewhere, please say something encouraging to me.


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Rainbowlilybet9 MONTH WINNER

It will get better.

Everyone's bodies are different so it takes us all different amounts of times to recover. If you have a condition in line with that it might take that little bit longer xx

But it will get better!


Hi Kirsty , Rainbowlilybet has said it all. If you dont feel better soon it might be worth checking with your doctor, just to check you havent another infection. Still better than smoking . :)

Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Hey Kirsty

Can I ask how you quit? where you on Champix or anything?

And it will get better but as said above, you might want to pop to the docs, looking at your pic hun the half a stone you have put on will do you no harm .... you look tiny anyway :) <jealous eyes> lol

Hmmm someone has mentioned an app for your phone that is meant to explain how each day your body is repairing, i am about to find it and download it, as hope it might explain a few mad things my body has suddenly started to do lol.

Oooh get a snore ring from boots and pop it on your little finger, that will sort that out, and maybe help you have a more solid sleep so less shattered! My partner sounds like a sherman tank backfiring all night...or at least he did! best 10 quid i ever spent that snore ring lol!.

Also one of the older posts was about blood sugar levels, its really worth reading as it explains why we could feel shattered etc.

Just stay strong and think of all the cash you have saved, and how much ( even though it doesnt feel like it ) you are helping your body x

kirsty72 in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hi Pinkiezoom,

I quit with 24 hour patches and the gum. Oh yes, and the e-cig!!

I wasn't allowed to take any prescription meds, as I'm on happy pills and they can have a reaction. A bad one I hear, so the doctor said NO!

The picture I put up is 4 years old now. I didn't want to put a horrible truthful picture up!! It might scare me!! Lol.

If you find out what that app is, I really would appreciate it too please.

A snore ring on your little finger? Really? Lol.

I'll try anything at the moment. As long as hubby doesn't think it's a sex aid!! lol

I'll have a hunt for the blood sugar levels.

Thanks for your reply though. It is good to know that there are other people out there who are struggling too!! That sounds wrong, but I hope you know what I mean?!?!?!?!?


Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to kirsty72

Lol that made me smile :) hey the app is called my last cigarette, I am going to down load it now. Yeah seriously snore ring it's the future lol. I wondered if you had given up on champix as last time I tried I was given them and made me feel hellish! X

kirsty72 in reply to Pinkiezoom

Glad I made you smile :-)

I'll have a look for that app on my crappy phone :-)

With the snoring, I tend to snore from my throat not my nose, so do you think that will still help?

I think the weight gain has alot to answer for too!!

Glad I didn't go on the Champix, I feel bad enough without them!!


Hi Kirsty, Hope I can be encouraging, as others have said it will get better.

After smoking for 45 years I felt so much better when I first quit, then after a couple of months an old problem ( Oesphagiis ) reared it's head again, but I know it's mostly to do with anxiety, and I'm on meds again at the moment to help, but I will NOT be smoking again.

When you logically think about it our body's are having to work hard to repair, and our subconscious is rebeling against it, the mind is very powerful, and we know it's trying to trick us into feeling better by smoking again !!! :-(

Please stick with it, we can all do this together, xx. :-)

Hi mrssunnyside

Well done on your quit!! I hope I can last that long!!

Come off the patches now, so just surviving with gum and the e-cig.

I am wondering though, that since I have quit, I feel like there is something stuck in my throat.

I thought it may be a reaction to the NRT, but after reading a few posts, it seems quite a common thing.

I don't have heartburn, but feel quite burpy in the breast region. Or is that heartburn?

The throat thing wakes me up in the night, but the burpy feelings are only there when I have had some NRT. Confused.com now?


Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Hee hee we are such a complicated lot aren't we? I stopped smoking altogether on 29th August and have been really ill on and off ever since, wheezing breathless, my teeth blew up three lots of steroids and then critical mass where I nearly had to go in to hospital. Finally on a new medication from docs for my chest and everything seems (touch wood) to have finally settled down, oh and an outstandingly painful bad back and hand, so it has been grim but definitely feeling improved now. So honestly love just keep on trucking you will get there in the end I'm sure. Good luck hun. :)

kirsty72 in reply to Friezfriend

Ah, bless you Friezfriend,

Did the doctors say that has anything to do with the giving up smoking lark?

And well done on your quit. xx

Kristy flower, within my first 2 months of quitting I had 2 chest infections(something I never ever had when I smoked) and a flare up of my asthma (hadn't had an attack in 18 months before that) I couldn't walk up the street without sounding like an old steam train and struggling to breathe honestly.What you describe sounds familiar.Stay off the cigs,things will get better I promise .As others have said go to your G.P. just to make sure but it could maybe also be your other meds having a better effect now you don't smoke.Your Ecig might also be contributing to some of your symptoms (I quit using an ECig & have been cig free since last September ) so bear that in mind as well.Please stick with it,we're all here to help each other.Hugs H x

Strange you say about the e-cig, because I noticed when I got up in the morning and took a drag of it, it really hurt my chest, and I started to wheeze with it. Looks like I might have to knock that on the head!

How do you feel now? xx


Hi ya Kirsty, its lovely to see you again :)

Erm, I dont think I can add anything, cos the gals have given you some great advice and help :) I used to get that burpy feeling too, especially when I used the patches, it felt as though I wanted a good burp, or a trump :o :D sorryyyyy :)

I'm sure Emjay put a post on here some time ago about how your body changes when you quit smoking, I will try and find it and post it up again.

Speak soon and you stick at it gal :) Pete x

kirsty72 in reply to monky

Hiya monky

Glad I'm not the only one burping. ;-)

If you can find that post again, that would be great, I really appreciate that. x

I'm fine now, I just dropped the strength of my Ecig cartridges and things improved slowly. I started on 18 mg nicotine then dropped to 12mg then to 6mg then off all together. The drop from 12 to 6 was the hardest but if you're really determined you'll do it.Find a reason why you want to stop and everytime you're tempted just think of that (I needed surgery on my back and my surgeon was NOT keen to operate on a smoker as I needed a bone graft and in a smoker the failure rate for the graft taking is something like 72%!!) Evertime I wanted a fag I just thought of my sore back and didn't have one. I had my op a month ago and am still happily not smoking, doesn't bother me at all now something I would've thought absolutely IMPOSSIBLE 5 months ago.

yoghurtweaver1 YEAR WINNER

Hi Kirsty, I've been feeling similar too... will be two weeks tomorrow and my energy levels are so up and down. I want to sleep all the time and yep, my cough is worse! It seems unfair that when we try and do something positive for our bodies they react like this!! just gotta think in the long term though, hopefully in a few weeks things will get better... keep at it anyway you're doing great! so much support in this forum it's really nice to see :) xx

Arizona-26 Months Winner

Month 4 was a relief !!!!I felt I had more control of my cravings 🕺💃

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