11 weeks

It has been a lot easier. There are not as many struggle but when there are times. Because the struggle is not as real as it was within the first month or so u start to relax and let it not be the first thing that pops into your head. This then can lead to lenacy and set backs. Don't don't let your guard down not for a minute!! This is ole nic trying To get u back. Honesty look at other ppl post " I quit for 9 months then I had 1" " I quit for years then Had 1" notice this is a serious addiction you can't have one! Nope not one puff

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  • Nice....

  • Awesome, you are doing brilliantly

  • Good message Georsm... the tendency to relapse once one becomes more comfortable is true for smoking quitters as well as for other addictions. Been there. It's a good reminder that you have shared. Thanks

  • This is why I finally threw away my ecig. It was too tempting when I quit cold turkey 6 weeks ago! NOPE NOPE NOPE 🚭

  • I like your attitude, Coco. I say: "NONE" .. NO Nic Ever !

  • Thanks for sharing Georsm and well done, keep up the good work😊 A friend of mine quit for 12 years and then had a few drinks and is unfortunately right back where she started😩 I can never get complacent coz I know the same would happen to me and I'm not going there again, so it's NOPE all the way😊x

  • It's frightening really like ull never be free of it esp if u could have one after 12 years and be hooked again. At least we know u can never have even just one not worth it 😇

  • Totally agree. Nope Not One Puff

  • Hi georgsm Whoohoo get you.... Almost at 3 months quit 😃😃😃

    A great post georgsm and fantastic responses..... Reading through them makes you realise just how addictive nicotine is ☹

    They're a great reminder about Not being too complacent or thinking you can get away with just smoking one.....we have all gone through enough with withdrawal, side effects etc.....

    NOPE all the way......🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

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