Hey everybody.....Arizona here.... 2 weeks smokefree today...Couldn't hack cold turkey this morning.....had a nicotine gum....... Well at least I didn't light up thank God...... I'm so physically sick... My cravings are not the problem... It's the nausea and lethargy etc........ I wonder if I should talk to a doctor hmmmmm. Any thoughts on this?

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  • Hey, well done on not lighting up 😁 cold turkey is an absolute b**** (boy do I know that one) and you did the right thing going for nic replacement rather than the real thing 😁 nausea and lethargy are pretty normal in the course of a quit but if you are worried about any side effects it's always worth a trip to the GP just to make sure. You are doing absolutely great so keep up the fab work 😆 x

  • Thanks LilyMay🌷

  • Well done Arizona and as Lily says, it's all pretty much normal but if you're worried then it's best to pop to your Doctor and this will put your mind at rest. Keep going coz you're doing great😊x

  • Thanks go out to you too for all your support xx

  • well done on 2 weeks smoke free and you should be so proud of yourself for getting yourself some gum..As Lily said, Cold turkey is an absolute b*** and that is why there is such a huge range of NRT's out there :) :)

    I would suggest going to your GP too ...Keep up the great attitude :) :)

  • Hey, you didn't smoke .. so you're still smoke free! Nobody said you have to first suffer and then commit hari kari in order to stop smoking! You're doing OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW: I have consulted my GP (or should I say: PCP -primary care physician - we Yanks like to complicate things) .. and glad I did.

    Keep us posted ! -WILL

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