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5 days cold turkey!

Hi All

I will be 100% honest and say I have smoked weed since I was 15 but for some reason about 1 and half years ago I tried to quit the weed and instead replaced it with cigarettes. Well all that did was make me smoke more cigarettes as they were easier to pull out of a packet than roll a joint. I am now 44 and about 2 years ago I gave up smoking weed (well it was also cigarette as you use it with the weed in a joint) for about 3 months but I got diagnosed with Bell's palsy and I believe this was due to quitting both things at once. anyway I don't really like to do the patches or gum etc so am now on my 5th full day of no smoking at all and feeling bloody wonderful about it. I am very determined to do this and like many others I can't sleep at night so thought I would join this group and hopefully have a chat while I am awake to pass the time. So that's me! Hello to you all and I hope we can all help each other stop this disgusting habit!!

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Hi Andy and welcome 😃😃 we are a growing family on here and we are quite nice too😃

Well done for 5 days quit, that is awesome and thanks for sharing 😊😊

If you look to the right there are a load of pinned posts you may find useful...... Some may help with your insomnia 😉😉

If you need anything, want to ask something, let off steam or just join in the chat then jump right in, there's usually someone about😊

Good luck with your quit and keep us close by, we will give you all the support we can 😊😊


Hi Andy, well done on 5 days cold turkey, that's some going! Keep it up 😊


woohoo!!!!....5 days cold turkey is awesome :) :) it wont be long and you will get a good nights sleep again... :) :)

Keep up the great quit you have going :)


Hiya Andy, welcome to quit support 😊

Congratulations on 5 days quit cold turkey, unfortunately the sleepless nights are very common but the good news is it will pass and it will all be worth it, so keep going and camomile tea might help😊x


Hey Andy :) Using this site is a really good way of passing the time when sleep won't come or when you need a distraction. Even if it feels that you may just be typing into the air and no one's reading, the act of being here and writing something and reading other posts really does help with the motivation to keep on going. I look forward to reading your thoughts during the midnight hours ^^


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