Day 7 Cold Turkey!

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend, day 7 for me cold turkey!!! Not a tablet, patch or Lecky ciggy thing lol. Dead proud of meself!!! Thought it'd be a killer this weekend as I met up with friends and went for a night on the town, I was dreading it, but it was fine, actually passing through the outdoor smoking areas made me heave, the smell was awful, to think I used to stand there!! I think it helped i was out with non-smokers too. I have eaten slightly more & I'm a bit light headed at times, but the cravings are less and less. I don't think it's been a bad experience at all so

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  • Hi Jill and congratulations on getting that first week under your belt. Blimey, that was a test for you, going out for a night on the town. :o Wasn't it great that you didn't have to freeze outside with the rest of them?

    You're doing really well, keep it up. :)

  • Thanks andi, yep it certainly was! ;0)

  • that's brilliant well done you . Can I ask why you chose cold turkey..just curious because ive been thinking the same ..have a lovely Tuesday :) jan

  • Hi Jill, well done on getting to your first week. It was great you got through your night out :)

    Keep going, you'll get there :)

  • Hi thenunn, because I'm basically impatient, I psyched myself up to it for around a month first, I bought my last 100 multipack and decided after the last cigarette I wouldn't buy anymore. I am not one for tablets so the zyban or whatever it's called was no use to me. Basically I was being lazy & begrudged the money on more cigarette gimmicks, I did not see the benefits for me, I'm not dissing them btw cos if ppl need them they are beneficial. I wish you luck jan, and if you want any support I'm here mate. Thanks Sue I enjoyed the night! ;0)

  • Thanks Jillanovitch ,you're be hearing from me :) jan

  • No problem, I'll be totally honest with ya. Surprised to see that ppl are having withdrawals when coming off the tablets & elec ciggies, makes ya think why do it twice? Are these ciggy things another money making marketing ploy? Everyone is saying well done, they dunno how I've gone cold turkey etc when I see them going through the exact same symptoms only twice?! Anyway whichever way ya do it is a good thing! :0)

  • I agree on both counts,the sooner we rid our bodies of nic I think the better..but whatever helps one stop smoking can only be good .

  • Yep, just message me if you need anything. It's no problem ;0)

  • Well done to you :-) I bet you felt even more chuffed with yourself when you woke up the next day and remembered that you hadn't 'had one' :-)

    The longer you go without, the stronger you will become. Just remember though that it's when you least expect it that those pesky cravings will try and catch you out, they always seem to know when the times are that they can catch you off guard, so just have a little 'back up plan to pull out of your bag to throw at them :D

    You're doing brilliant :D

  • Thanks EmJay, yeah there's no way after doing cold turkey that I would have a cigarette, I wouldn't want to go through this again!! ;0)

  • Just keep smiling and you'll get to where you want to be :D I'm just going to pop your name up on our 'Wall of Winners' - the place where every quitter is a winner.... Was your quit date the 26th March? 80)

  • Oh I'm smiling! Yep quit day was 26th March, thank you ;0)

  • A big well done to you Jill, cold turkey too! I so couldn't have done it cold turkey!


    Jan xx

  • Awww thanks Chickles aka Jan, it wasn't that bad, once the frustrating niggles had gone, I just kept myself busy. My poor dog is all walked out!!! Not mentioning the packed freezer with home made stews, soups & casseroles, oh and did I mention my house is like a show home??? Haha tanks for the support ladies ;0) x

  • lol :) :) a productive cold turkey :)

  • Hi jill ,

    Big well done on your first week, you must be so proud of yourself now your a non-smoker. Keep on thinking positive.

    When I went to the hospital today It was freezing and yet there were patients in hospital gowns and a blanket over their shoulders , outside having their nicotine fix.

    What a horrible addiction smoking is.

    They say smoking kills, if its not the smoke it would be hyperthermia.

    So nice not to worry about when you can go for another ciggy.

  • Awww thanks Jillygirl, I have had lots of praise from family & friends too which helps, having the support all round really does help!

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