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Cold turkey vs substitute

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carolinet19747 MONTH WINNER


I stopped on Saturday night cold turkey after reading Alan Carr’s Easyway to stop smoking.

He says it’s better to have no substitutes which I can see where he is coming from but since this morning I’ve been panicking that I can’t cope with giving up although I am determined to give up. I now it sounds like a contradiction.

Any help would greatly be appreciated and what you think.

Caroline x

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Hi carolinet,welcome back to Quit Support💙. There is no correct way of quitting nor is there an easy way. 🚭

We are all different with different life styles,habits etc.

Try to picture where it all went wrong,learn from your mistakes. Remember to drink lots of water💧💦 to flush out the toxins and keep yourself hydrated.

I you need anymore help please don't hesitate to ask. There is always someone here. Do have a look at the pinned posts📌, there's lots of information there. Here's a link to help you get started.

Keep this site close. Good luck with your quit.🚭🍀xx

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Hello Caroline welcome back! It’s been a while. You must do what’s best for you. You know that! NRT worked for you in the past xx

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carolinet19747 MONTH WINNER

Yes I am going to put in more of a plan in place and then try again x

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louloubelll3 YEAR WINNER

Dear carolinet, please try not to panic.🐱 once you get past the first day, you can be proud. As the days quickly turn into weeks, you will amaze yourself with the strength you have! Stay strong😊💪 you can do it, we all did. Come on here for support before you start your day, as we are here for you!

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carolinet19747 MONTH WINNER

Yes I will. I will get over this and once I have more of a plan in place I will try again x thanks for your support x

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Hi carolinet, welcome back and we look forward to supporting on your journey to a healthier future. Which ever way you choose to quit, we’ll be here for you👍🏼

I think there are advantages to both methods but the ultimate decision is yours. I suggest you take a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons to each. Good luck🍀xx

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carolinet19747 MONTH WINNER in reply to Briarwood

I will do and thanks for your support x

I’m currently reading the same book. But I’ve read it twice, as I did not feel I gained a proper understanding. I’m going to stop as soon as I finish the book (following his tip, haha), so let me know how your progress goes. All the best!

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carolinet19747 MONTH WINNER in reply to Jason2254

No I gave in I don’t think the book was for me. Going to look into NRT x

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That is what I did I laid them down.. and if I feel I need a smoke I just come here and do some reading till the urge goes away

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