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Almost 4 weeks!!!

Wow I can't believe that I will be at 4 weeks on Saturday! I still find that I crave cigs. I think maybe the social part of it. I have a Halloween party coming up and I'm really nervous because they all smoke. I pray I won't drink a bit and give in .

I was looking for some advice. I woke up yesterday with the worst headache. Wasn't able to rid of it and woke up again today with a headache. yikes. I've never had a migraine but maybe this is what it feels like.. Feels like a hangover headache for sure :) have you all experienced these type of headaches? Is this due to quitting smoking? I have never gotten headaches for no reason. I made an appt with my gp but can't get in until next Friday. Thanks to you all!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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hiya Hunnybee, nearly 4 weeks is terrific so well done😊

Side effects can vary so much that it's quite possible but it should pass and it's a good idea to get checked out. Try not to worry too much about the party coz you won't smell like dirty ashtrays like the rest of them😂 You are a non smoker now and you don't need a cigarette to enjoy yourself, keep telling yourself that and remember NOPE 🚭 Have fun and hope you feel better soon😊x


Hi Hunnybee. You're doing amazing👏 You know, I never get headaches either and for three weeks now during my withdrawal from cigarettes , I've had a constant headache except for today... Yeah.... I feel good finally. Other people on this site have mentioned headaches as being a problem as well. This withdrawal is full of symptoms! I cannot believe I am so addicted to nicotine and all the other chemicals in a cigarette If you have any other symptoms just ask me hahaha and I'll put your mind at ease. I've been through every side effect listed in the studies

Go have a great time at the Halloween party and just keep reminding yourself why you need to stay off cigarettes. Write it down and keep reading it until it's engrained in your mind. NOT ONE PUFF. You've come too far xx



Thank you so much Arizonasands!! I really appreciate it!! I cannot believe how addicted I was either!! This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done!!! i am hoping these headaches don't last for long 😊 again thank you!!


Hi ya hunnybee :) sooooo, your a 4 weeks Winner on Saturday then :) I'm doing the bum wiggle dance for ya and if you care to join me, just a wiggle your bum :) :D :D

I hope you feel very proud of yourself, cos am dead proud of ya gal, I really am :) :)

I see the girls have given you some excellent advice :) :) and all I would add to that is, Make sure your smoking friends KNOW you have quit and ask them not to smoke infront of you, nor offer you a cig eh :) PLUSSSSSS, you hold your head up HIGH and FEEL that pleasure of not having to go out in the cold and wet to get that kick from mr nic :) :) :) LOVE your new smokefree life, cos you just dont want to go back to that being ordered about by mr nic :o :( Hmmmm, a Halloween party eh, I might just be lurking on one of your shoulders then cos I like them too :) and boyyyyyyy, if you even get a thought about having a smoke, I aint half going to pounce on ya's :P :o :D :D

Maybe have a chat with your friends to see if they want to quit :) let them know about this community :) cos you know we will help them every step of the way :) :)

Your doing ever so well Hunnybee :) :) soooo, just you remember, YOUR the BOSS now :) :) and not mr nic :)

Take care and see ya soon :)

Pete :)


Thanks so much Monky! I'm a little worried about the party but I think I can do it!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 No way No how am I EVER going to have these withdrawals again!! Thank you for all of your support! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


Hunny, the first party I went to after I had quit, was at our local pub :o I too was worried :o

My friends went out in the garden for a fag, I said no, like a good boy should :o and I tell you, I felt amazing after that :) :) :) I had a great feeling of control :) :) cos I was controlling myself again :) :)

I think it was about the third time they went out for a fag, I had the courage to go with them :) I stood there chatting to them while they were smoking :o and it didnt bother me one hoooooot :) :)

That party, really really helped in some ways :) :)

Good luck Hunny :) :)


This! Don't worry too much about the thought you may give in and have a cig. I was worried about it too but found that I could stand with friends who were smoking and not be at all bothered. In fact they tend to grin at me as they're pleased for me (as they continued to puff away) and I grin back. I make it a rule to never ask if they want to quit too while they are smoking. They know they can talk to me about it when not having a cig. So involve your friends and let them know that you've quit!

Fantastic that you are nearly at 4 weeks! Keep going!


Head hurt, but I'll bet your chest felt awesome! Keep it up!


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