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Still not smoking

11 Weeks today and i feel pretty chuffed. I was away on holiday at the beginning of December and refused to buy friends duty free cigs. Even at 1.20 a packet i wasn't tempted. I spent Christmas with friends and they all smoked. I must confess they didnt smell too good. I dont miss anything about smoking although i have put a few pounds on. I am determined to do some exercise to remedy this bu,t as i left home at 7am and got back at 7.15pm, after a full days work i just want to sleep.

Congats to all other quitters and a Happy New Year to all

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Hi lanemorph, congratulations on reaching 11 weeks, you must be so proud of yourself, as you should be, especially spending time with all these smokers, that's brill :) I know what you mean about the smell, i think the same thing, it's not nice

A Happy smoke free New Year to you :)


Congratulations lanemorph, 11 weeks is brilliant :)

As Sue said especially spending time with all those smokers and not weakening, in fact it seems to have made you even stronger by the way you are talking and that is great :)

Sounds like you have had a busy day and it's understandable that you don't feel like exercising, I'm sure Andi would say you could fit a couple of hours in though :D

A very happy new year to you lanemorph, keep up the good work, stay strong and we will all see the new year in as non-smokers :) xx


Aup Lanemorph, nice to see you here :)

As the others have said a great well done to you for reaching 11 weeks quit, and as you put it you stayed with friends over Christmas which all smoked, but you stayed strong and focused on your quit, that must have been a really hard time for you, but yippeeeee you made it through :) :) you go and treat yourself, do you hear me :) :)

Pete :)


Thank you all. I felt so good about it that i have just booked a break away in March. Well, i have to have an incentive to stop. x


Good on ya Lanemorph and you ENJOY :) :)

Now you've quit, you can spend all that money on yourself and start to live again :) :)

Keep strong and focused, cos you will do it :) :) :)


Well done to you! How fantastic is that?! Good to gear that you've booked yourself anther break away. You just make sure you keep putting those pounds away that you would have spent on cigarettes, that way you'll have your holiday paid for :D

Brilliant :D


Well done - I am on week 12 now as a non smoker - isn't it great that they don't control our lives anymore? Feel a lot calmer now than I did as a smoker too. Good luck for 2013, keep going.


well done,stay strong you caN DO IT :)


Thank you!!, Thank you!! Thank you!!. The comments are very inspiring. EmJay, i am spending more on holidays than i ever spent smoking, it's my new addiction lol. I was only in Morrocco 2 weeks ago and ive already booked Prague in March and thinking about where to go in May. Actually, thinking about it, when i went for cigarettes, i'd buy other things, food, i didn't need. The money i am saving is unbelievable !!! I work Monday to Friday, and during the week i don't spend a penny. I take fruit with me and i am just so pleased that i chose to quit the cigarettes when i did instead of waiting till the 31st December. Hope everyone else is coping okay.Glad to see you have still quit Monky and well done Lizziec1 .... keep it up. If i can do it anyone can.


Thanks Ken encouraging words mean a lot. I could not believe how many friends said to me over Christmas, you might as well have one because you'll start again. Why? Because they did when they stopped. Or rather, pretended to stop. Their negative attitude will only provoke me in to succeeding.


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