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Taste buds changing after quitting

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Morning all. I was wondering whether anyone else noticed things tasting different after quitting. I know smoking obviously destroys your buds over time, and they regenerate once quit, but in the past few days I've noticed things like the beers I drink not having as much taste as they did before. I was expecting that things would taste better, poss stronger etc. Its only day 7 for me, so early but positive days yet, but just thought i'd chuck it out as thinking about it last nite.

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Dont worry your taste buds will get back to normal in time. I was the same and for about 4 months I hated the taste of chocolate. But alas (weight wise) I love it again . Just have to be patient. :)

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Brill. Thanks for that jillygirl. Probably rushing ahead a bit. Its probably a good thing in regards to drink. Deffo noticed Mr Nic crept up behind me last nite after a couple. But at least its only tempory in regards to the taste, we can deal with that.

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Nick-o-teenfree3 Months Winner

Hi Thiett,don't worry your taste will come back,I had a meal last week which I've had many times,and the garlic oh the garlic.So give it time mate and enjoy when it does

Speak soon Nick x

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Cheers Nick. Oh how I am looking forward to one of those frosty cold ones tasting better than before, not that I have any form of alcohol addiction :-) lol. just enjoy a beer or 2 like millions of others :-). Oh well, I'm reeping the benefits already. Its been a week off the rollies and I feel on top form. Its boosted my moral and confidence something that I wouldn't have believed. The house and car smells clean and fresh, apart from the dog thats well overdue a bath... Cheers.Tim.

It's just sssssssoooooo good to read your posts Thiett because they make me smile.Things will improve taste and smell wise.I was still using my ECig 4 months into my quit & hadn't really noticed a vast amount of difference but in the last 8 weeks WOW,things just taste amazing,the only casualty sadly (are you reading this Chrissy Fur??) Is Marmite,used to love it,now can't stand the stuff.Still lamenting that one but everything tastes 1000 times better on the whole.Just hang on in there it'll happen.I'm sssssssoooooo chuffed that you're still very upbeat,how is your other half doing? Helen.

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thiett7 MONTH WINNER in reply to yellowsnowdrop

Morning Helen. Thanks for your reply and glad to hear that I make people smile. I do feel so much better, even after a week. I feel that if my mind is set to the right attitude the rest of me will follow suit. I feel it will only be as easy or hard as I make it, and yeah the cravings are made worse by alcohol, but I tell myself that they are only a mindset. They don't hurt or give me pain. My main aim is to wean myself off the patch's as I no longer want to be addicted to Mr Nic. My other half is getting there, after a few days of whoops moments, she has got herself on track and using patch's and anti histamines as a real reaction to them. Thanks to everyone's support so far. I've started my new life and I love it.

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Well done on the first 7 days :0)

I am now eating chocolate bars that i never enjoyed before - they always had to have a filling of some descript,

And salt! Have always used it in cooking, rarely added it afterwards, but now....

But the real heartbreak is that me vodka tastes different and im not sure i actually like it anymore....

But i will keep trying :0)

SSSHHHhhhhhhh xx

I can sense your TOTAL commitment and enthusiasm shining out of this computer.I stopped drinking for a while when I was trying to give up (my hubby loves it coz I'm still a cheap date :) I had the same problems as your girlfriend with the patches which is why for this quit I just wasn't prepared to use them, my trusty Ecig was the best thing that ever happened to me, I cut my Nicotine month on month until I was at nothing. Anyway, pop back and let us know how you're both getting on, really chuffed for the both of you. Helen

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Rental195911 Month Winner

Thiett, I just quit a week and one day so far, and I drink beer, when I had one the other day, it was terrible.. I was thinking, maybe I had to change my drink since I have been drinking Heineken for years, I thought maybe it was time for a change.. but glad to hear that my buds will come back eventually.

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thiett7 MONTH WINNER in reply to Rental1959

Hi Rental1959. Well done on passing your first week. You are doing amazing! I can assure you that things will improve and get back to normal. Things take time. I am still a non smoker over 4 years on and it is still the best thing ive ever done.

You will be back on Heineken before you know it! I do love Heineken too, but a small note to watch for that ive noticed. The bottles in the UK tend to be imported from the Netherlands, the cans are produced in Edinburgh and taste different. Watch out in Southern Ireland too, as its brewed at a different strength.

Good luck with your journey, and please feel free to ask any further questions.

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