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Quitting after 32 years

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I really feel I'm gonna need support. I've been smoking since I was 14, 30 a day, and lately I've become very breathless. Yesterday I changed my duvet cover and had to sit down after to catch my breath! It scared me. So today is day 1 of quitting and I'm wearing a patch. A few months ago I bought a vape but I can't puff on it it just makes me cough really badly, shame cos I feel it would help with the habit side of smoking. Anyway, it's been 17 hours since my last ciggie and I'm trying to keep busy and avoid the kitchen (where I usually smoke), oh and phone calls.. I'm avoiding them as well today as it'll make me want to light up!! Any encouragement would be really appreciated!

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Hi Loopsylu, What a lovely name!! Well done for your decision to quit👏

Welcome to Quit Support.💙

It’s never easy to quit but it’s easier with a little support.💪

Please read the pinned posts,📌 there is lots of information there. You will find the posts to the right or at the bottom of your screen depending which device you are using.

May I suggest you drink plenty of water💧💦 to flush out the toxins and keep yourself hydrated.

If you feel you need any more help please don’t hesitate to ask. There is always someone here.

Good luck with your quit.🍀🚭xx

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Hello Loopsylu and welcome to Quit Support.


Well done on deciding to quit smoking. Its not easy, however it

is achievable ,and we will help and support you all the way on your quit Journey.

We have a lot of information in the pinned posts and topics sections.

If you cant find what you require , just shout and we will be here , ready to support you.

We do remind new members NOT to give any personal details out i.e. email addresses,

Phone numbers, or personal pictures. (If in doubt leave it out).

Tubby and I will sort you your badge out and also add your name to our wall of winners.

Look forward to supporting you. 😊


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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Beat ya XXX

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to TheTabbyCat

.😛😜 he he. xx

Loopsylu ignore Tubby and I we have our silly moments . Who can find a badge first. :) xx

Thanks for the warm welcome! I wasn't sure if I'd posted properly as I'm a newbie.. Still, it kept me occupied for a while which is all good! 😊🙄

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to

Loopsylu,you posted perfectly. XXX

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Hi loopsylu and welcome, ignore those mad lot (we just keep em around to keep me outta mischief!!) 😂

I gave up with patches over 5 years ago now, but would never have done that without the support of this lovely lot keeping me on the straight and narrow!

If you’ve never used patches before then please make sure you change the side of your body and location each day. I found that arms, shoulders, thighs (if I was wearing tights) and top of the back were all ok for me. Also remember to take them off at night, I took them off about 1 hour before bed so that the dreams were a bit less weird!

It’s great that your avoiding triggers but how about completely spring cleaning the kitchen to get rid of the nasty stench ..... that flippin cig smell is disgusting and permeates everywhere! Once you’ve done that you can come and do mine 😂👏

Just think, when you wake up in the morning you’ll be a 1 day winner 👍 trust me, those first few days are the hardest but I reckon you’ll be just fine and dandy 👍

So keep us close and remember NOPE Not One Puff Ever 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

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Hi droopyj! Thanks so much for your advice, I might try and tackle the kitchen tomorrow as tbh right now the smell of the fags is almost better than chocolate 😋 I guess it might take a while for me to start hating it. I've just had my 2nd bath, been for 3 walks today and can't wait to go back to work tomorrow!! I think it'll be a bit easier when I'm busy.. Hubby gave up 3 years ago after a massive heart attack so I'm using that as my biggest motivator, he hates me smoking.. And rightfully so! Oh god I just wanna sleep for 3 months and wake up cured of it all.. Its like my body doesn't know how to not smoke, its been so long!! 🙄🙄🙄

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Droopy, If I take it off at bedtime I'm scared ill wake up craving really bad in the morning 😭😭

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to

Lol I know what you mean about the sleep! Look if hubby can do it, you definitely can! Us women are much stronger mentally than men (oh I’m in for it now 😂)

As to taking it off, I promise you’ve had extra nicotine in your system today so you won’t wake up craving one (🤞)

I used to take mine off, have a bath (well you’ve already had 2 so another one ain’t gonna kill ya), with a cup of decaf coffee, light a few smelly candles then get straight into bed with a good book 👍 at least take it off 30 minutes before bed, if your anything like me then once you’ve decided to go to bed , it still takes at least 30 mins of faffing around till I do !

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Haha don't worry I won't tell em you said it 😂

Thanks droopyj.. Usually my morning regime is 2 cigs with my 1st cup of tea while I come to life 🤣 so I'm getting a bit anxious about what I'll do in the morning.. Maybe I'll skip the tea and go out really early to avoid that part. I'll definitely take it off tonight on your advice, I've read about vivid dreams etc.. Oh gawd there's so much planning involved ain't there!

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Just change your routine, great idea by corrina and also make sure you carry a spare (in case it drops off)!!

I also bought the gum (only used it once, it was disgusting but I know that some in here have used it as a back up)

Some also find it useful to tell people that your trying to give up, oh if you have a car that you smoke in, get the inside valeted and it becomes a sweet smelling ride 👍

Also save your cig money and at the end of your first week, treat yourself to something nice coz you can afford it now 👍👍 then if he behaves himself, treat you and hubby to fave restaurant/takeaway or just have a nice date night on you 👍😁

in reply to droopyJ

Will definitely carry a spare, they don't stick properly do they. I'm quite fortunate in the peer department as I'm the only one in our team at work that smokes.. I have to say though I've eaten non stop today so I'm gonna have to kerb that! Will definitely be buying us a treat when the ex cig money builds up a bit 😍

Well I've just had dinner and am feeling a bit lost but I just keep reminding myself that I'm not gonna be able to breathe properly again until I beat this 🙏🙏

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to

Loopsydu, I've never used patches so I can't really help with them. But I managed to quit after smoking for 40+ years.

I found it really difficult to stay in the kitchen, so after dinner I moved...sometimes I took the dog for a walk, or moved to the sitting room or bedroom, where I've never smoked. I also play candy crush, do coloring for adults, brush the cats, anything goes.

Come on here often hun. Knowledge is power!

You can do this.💪👏xx

in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thank u tubby54.. I'm trying really hard this evening not to doubt myself, so reading your words 'you can do this' is really inspiring. On the upside, hubby is making the teas all evening as I'm avoiding the kitchen ☕😜

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to

Blimey see another upside of quitting, maybe hubby will make dinner each night 👍

in reply to droopyJ

Haha I'm not so sure.. I reckon by tomorrow night he'll be growling more than I am 😁😁

in reply to TheTabbyCat

And we'll done on giving up after 40 years!! I really admire you!!

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to

You'll make it too! If you click on my avatar you can read my story! XXX

in reply to TheTabbyCat

Wow! I didn't realise.. So are you still a non smoker or are you smoking now and then? Good on you for giving up after having pneumonia though! I understand that string urge to buy some, I was thinking to myself earlier maybe I should just have 5 a day.. Blah blah blah knowing damn well Im not self disciplined enough to do that!

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to

A year ago I gave up, cold turkey because i didn't know any better! After a fortnight of struggling I found this community and have never looked back. I depend a lot on NOPE. Not One Puff Ever.🚭👍❤

in reply to TheTabbyCat

You're brave for going cold turkey.. I'm not sure id be strong enough. The patch is okay I'm not actually craving nicotine it's more that I just fancy a smoke, I'm arguing with myself this evening trying to reason with 'maybe I can just smoke less' and the temptation to buy some is killing me! 🙄😬😩

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to

I remember that feeling but it's impossible to smoke just 1 or even 5.

I used to make sure that I didn't have enough change to buy them. I would go for a coffee with just enough money for coffee!!

It will get easier try to find something to do with your hands. Some of our members knit,others have taken up crocheting.xxx

in reply to TheTabbyCat

Good advice, taking less money out would be a good idea. I've downloaded this app on my phone which counts my progress, tells me how many hours have gone by and highlights the benefits of my health every few hours.. Its also got a patience game for when you need to keep busy. It's helped me today, chatting to you guys on here has helped so much too. NOPE!!! Day 1 is almost over.. 🤗👍💪 WE CAN DO THIS!

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to

I've got the app on the phone! Brilliant! It's just told me that I've saved E.2000 !!! That's a load of cash.

We certainly can do this....💪👏👍

in reply to TheTabbyCat

2 grand! 👌😜 Make sure you treat yourself!!

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Corrina125LONG TERM WINNER in reply to

Loopsylu, place a patch in its sleeve under your pillow while you sleep, then put it on in the morning that way the patch is sufficiently warm enough to start working straight away!.

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Omg thanks corrina125.. Does that really work?! It's daft of me but all these little things I need to plan are so helpful 😍

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Corrina125LONG TERM WINNER in reply to

Lol, yes it does Loopsylu 😊😊😊

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Corrina125

:) :) xx

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Hi Loopsylu, welcome to Quit Support, where you will get all the support you will ever need.

Can I suggest that you have a good read of the pinned posts, forewarned is forearmed and ask questions if you need to, we have all been where you are and every day someone new is taking the plunge so you will not be alone.

Good luck on your journey and remember our mantra NOPE......Not One Puff Ever

Bye for now!😊😊

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You can do it Loopsylu! I quit 14 months ago after 38 years of smoking. As people around me quit one by one and I kept on, I thought I would be a lifelong smoker. But I am free. It was not an easy journey for the first 8 months but then it turned around and now I sometimes think “I could go for a ciggy, but now immediately think “but it would taste awful and I would feel awful after”, and then the thought is gone completely and on to the next thing. It’s largely out of my life and it can be gone from yours as well. One day at a time, whatever it takes for just that one day & don’t look too far ahead, just know it will be better in the future and just keep going till you get to that happy place!! Best to you!

in reply to pepapod

Hi pepapod and thanks for your support.. And well done to you on getting through quitting!! Yesterday was tough.. Today I'm gonna be busier so fingers crossed I'll get through.. 🙏💪

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Well, Loopsylu, you have already met some of our finest and I’m sure others will come on the site and greet you. The creme de la crime oooos sorry I meant creme have already given you terrific advice including Tubbys advice to keep hydrated. Had Veteran logged on he would tell you to make a list of the reasons you are quitting and pin it somewhere you can regularly see it. Top of my list was to stop killing my beloved cats with my passive smoke.

Keeping busy is very important and if you don’t mind vigorous housework then that’s great. For me, housework is an alien land which I very rarely visit. I kept busy by knitting, adult colouring books, crosswords and Sudoku. I also uploaded games on my iPad and my favourite is the jigsaw puzzles. Cravings won’t be nearly so overwhelming if your mind and body are occupied doing something else.

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Happybear3 YEAR WINNER

Hello Loopsylu, sending lots of good vibes through the ether. We are all here to help each other. It's a roller coaster but worth it! Good luck from happybear.

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Hi Loopsylu and welcome to Quit Support🚭

We love new members👍

Lots of good advice already so I’ll just say well done and stay close.

Have a good weekend, smoke free and stress free💕🌻xx

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Mike212917 Month Winner

Get a bunch if candy. And remind yourself that it's either a cigarette or breathe better.

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Dear loopsylu, congratulations on your good decision to become smoke free! I started at 13 yrs old and smoked 20 to 30 smokes a day. Being breathless is definitely a sign to stop smoking👍 you are already doing the right things and avoiding triggers😊 please come on here everyday to read , ask questions, vent, or just to chat. We are a very supportive bunch❗😉

Lol! Is it a contest to see who’s the youngest and smoked the most? Snort! Lol! I’m just kidding! Congratulations on your quitting, Loopsylu! I was 19 when I started in the military. I didn’t get a break unless I smoked. So it took me a week to smoke around the barracks before I could smoke around others without gagging. Lol! That should’ve been the warning right there! I finally beat this horrible addiction last year and it’s terrible for anybody who engages in it at any age or length of time. I failed at quitting for 10 years until last year. Finally! Sigh!


Thats a sweet name Congrats on making the right decision to quit It ll pay off for sure.

Keep being positive & if you ever find yourself tempted to smoke say to yourself YES I CAN QUIT.

Throw any ones youve got out & say I QUIT!!

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