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Update almost 3 months off

About 2 weeks ago I posted things about my withdrawal symptoms. Recently (about 2 days ago) I consulted a Physician and a Cardiologist to sort things out and clear my mind off. By the time I visited them, my withdrawal symptoms are not really as disturbing as the first 2 months. Anyways, they did some test on me, like x-ray, urinalysis, blood chem and ECG. All came out good except for that something about my liver, which is almost at the border line (which is expected says my physician for being overweight...*_*) Lungs are clear, heart beat pattern is normal and all is good.

Since quitting I've felt much better everyday, except for a little kick of the withdrawal symptoms from time to time which do not last as much as before.

My shout out to those who are just quit and suffering the same things I did before, consult your GP and do some test to clear out your mind and also to check other health issues not related to your history of smoking. Let's keep supporting each other through this community. God Bless guys! :D

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Hiya Tristan, great to hear you're doing so well and congrats on nearly 3 months quit

Thanks for sharing as it really does help encourage others 😃 wishing you continued success 😃 x


Hi Tristan,

Great news!!

It is good to support each other☺️

I know for me, having the support from the wonderful members here made my quitting successful.. It is great knowing that others understand how your feeling☺️ ☺️ 😍

Keep up the great quit you have going


Hey Tristan, sometimes when near the beginning of our stopping smoking journey, it really feels as though we are at our worse. Should we carry on smoking then we would experience half the feelings. Smoking masks a lot of poorliness and so we don't know what's going on half the time. When the time comes to brave up to quit, our body shows that it recognises that we are no longer feeding it those 4,000 plus toxins and kicks up a right fuss. The majority of the time they are positive signs of recovery.

Thanks for sharing your update with us, it really does help those who are at the 'is this really worth it' stage.

Congrats on getting nearer to you 3 months milestone, that a whole quarter of a year! Well done 😁


Thanks guys for your support! Next step with be road to total fitness! :D


Yes, definitely and I do believe that the Couch to 5K community can help you with that 👍


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