I quit smoking over a month ago,now I cough up yellow junk non-stop I smoked for 45 years and I never coughed can anyone tell me how long this lasts or if its normal,i'm about to start smoking again I can't take the coughing and I've used mucinex,don't advise me to go to a dr.because my health ins sent me a list of doctor's to choose from and I don't like any of them,my dr.of 25 years died

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  • Hiya dalerw and welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on your quit great achievement so well done👍

    On your right there are some breathing excersises that will help you cough up what's not supposed to be there and this should help. Also if you have access to a steam room this will benefit you and if not use a bowl of hot water with Vicks in and inhale that with a towel covering your head. This will loosen your chest and hope this helps you😀x

  • Hi dalerw, well done for over a month quit, thats fantastic 😊😊

    I know a lot of quitters have coughed up gunk.....but it's a good sign that your body is getting rid of all the disgusting toxins that are in your body.....the more you get out the better 😊

    Please please please do not go back to smoking, it should get easier. If the cough continues....I know you don't want to.....but you could have a chest infection hun ....

    Keep this site close coz if you have any questions we are all here to help you and have all been where you are now. Good luck and keep the faith 😊😊

  • thanks for your reply,i was never warned about this coughing before quitting.i just decided to buy a box of patches and quit and I'm on the last step of step 1 been around 38 days,but this coughing is really getting me,nobody can stand to be around me and like I said,i smoked for 45 years and never coughed unless I had a cold,i'm not looking for an excuse to fail and return to smoking but I read one post on here where one guy has been quit over 6 months and his cough is just as bad, again thanks

  • Listen hun I'm sure if you asked them, your family and friends would prefer to put up with you coughing for a while rather than smelling of an old ashtray (we have all had that au de cologne..😧.) Congrats with the patches, that's how I gave up..... as to your cough, each quit is different, we have all had different side effects of varying degrees as no two quits are the same..... this is hopefully good news for your cough...😀😀

    Stick with it, you can do it and we are all behind you 😀

  • Hi dalerw and a big warm welcome to quit support.

    Congratulations on your quit so far. You truly have done fantastically :) :)

    you have been give some great advice by the others, I would suggest having a read through the topics on the right hand side as there is information on the symptoms of quitting smoking. I think most of have been amazed by some of weird ones we we did not know about. But on saying that, none of them tend to last for for too long,

    Can you let us know you quit date so that we can add you to the wall of winners :) :)

  • my quit date was 07/08/2015

  • My husband is going through the same thing. I have been searching this site trying to find any sort of remedy that might stop the coughing at night so he can sleep. He stayed home from work this week (concrete worker) because I didn't think he could labor like that with no sleep and terrible cough with clear phlegm coming up constantly. He is 57 and smoked since 14 so 43 years. I never knew quitting would be like this. We saw his dr who did not seem too concerned and gave him some "pearl" tablets to help cough at night. They didn't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. He started quitting on March 4th. Now it's March 22nd and He has been cig free with the use of nicorette mints for 7 days now. I am so afraid that if we can't fix this he will go back to smoking.

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