time wasted smoking

I had the most productive day in years yesterday totally took my dining room apart cleaned ready for painting , and whilst I was a woman on a mission I worked out that I would have smoked approx 10 ciggies during the day adding up to about an hour plus smoking and making the cup of coffee to go with the ciggie. Then I got thinking (not a good thing for me lol) how much of my life have I actually wasted just standing there smoking. I am feeling so happy right now with every day that passes and the craving creeps in I have the strength to think of the motto NOPE.

Sorry for my ramble just hope it gives someone else a plus for quitting.

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  • So pleased for you. keep up the good work its well worth it. also your house will be so clean and sparkly. : ) :)

  • Thank you I am having a major declutter and using my craving urges to sort each and every room out # fresh start smoke free :)

  • Once you have done your house chubbystuff then you can start on mine 😀😀

  • lol it has taken a number of years to convince hubby we don't need half the junk (not junk to him) but he thinks I have turned in to psycho woman whilst quitting.

    Yet another positive of quitting as I am having my own way as he doesn't want to upset me :)

  • I could use someone with craving urges to declutter my place. Let me know if you run out of projects....I may be able to help you out.

  • that is awesome chubby :) :) nice freshly painted walls :) :)

    you are doing ever so well :) :) ..Keep up the great quit you have going there :) :)

  • Well Chubby stuff, sounds like you're all sorted with your quit, :-)

    Hope the painting goes well. I love painting but I struggle these days doing the ceilings, that's Hubby's job, unfortunately he Hates decorating !!! :-(

    Have a great NOPE day, x. :-)

  • Hiya chubby, you've got loads of energy by the sounds of it and I wish you could de clutter some of my rubbish😂

    We definitely have more time on our hands when quitting which is brilliant and you're putting all those extra hours to good use, well done👍😊

  • I found this out on my last quit. I was shocked at how much time, energy, and money this horrid habit took from me. So pleased to be free and to have so much more time for me ☺

  • Thanks everyone for your encouragement

    15 years same house, 1 hubby 2 boys I am totally outnumbered :( had a hissy fit and declared tools remote control cars/robots etc are not essential in the dining room, the blank expressions of wonderment and awe that I had said those words out loud was priceless.

    Mrssunnyside I can sympathise decorating is not a word in my hubbys vocabulary.

    Have a nice weekend everyone

    Dot x

  • Oh my god your right .... Dam that Strike.s a chord with me <3 well done you for noticing

  • Hmmmmm! If we add up all the time lost smoking over the years & compared with non smokers, why is it still Saturday for both smokers & non smokers. Maybe it's better to look at the extra days we have ahead than the days lost in the past.

  • Well said :).

    I am looking to the future smoke free, but when the cravings kick in it spurs me on to say NOPE and encourage me further to stay on this smoke free path and know I won't waste any more time having that 1 ciggie

    in all weathers.

  • Well said to you too Dot :)

    You have an Ace frame of mind Dot :) and I am sure you will have a lovely smokefree future :)

  • Thank you,

    I still find it hard to believe I am smoke free lol

  • Start believing it hun coz you're smoke free and doing great on your quit😊x

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