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stopping smoking

kimsuzanne9 MONTH WINNER

hi everyone ,i needed a bit of support today been smoking 45 years and have now not smoked for 19 days feel really down today and don't know if this is a side effect HELP

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deb979511 Month Winner

Well done on 19 days 😊😊. It sounds like it could be a side effect. You have been working so hard to quit that now it's easing your mind isn't sure what it's meant to be feeling. Think about all the good times and things to come and if possible do something that brings a smile to your face. ☺☺ It will pass take care 😆xx


Hi KimSuzanne, Don't worry, feeling down etc, is all part of quitting. Your body is adjusting. I remember I used to feel really weepy or miserable at first. It does pass so stay with it your doing great. :) xx


Hi Kim and welcome to quit support Well done on being 19 days smoke free :) :) you are doing ever so well,

Quitting smoking certainly can be a roller coaster of emotions - Like Jilly, I too went through a phase of feeling very down and weepy. It just came out of nowhere.

What i can tell you is that all the feeling come out of nowhere and just disappear as suddenly as they arrive :) :)

Most of us on here have experiences a range of emotions as part of the cleansing process.

Take a read of some of the information under the topic heading in the right hand side of the screen as there is a wealth of information. It just helps knowing what the common symptoms are :) :)

Please let me know your quit date so that i can add you to our wall of winners :) :)

Keep up the amazing quit you have going there :) :)

kimsuzanne9 MONTH WINNER
in reply to glolin

thank-you so much for the support also have had trouble sleeping but it seems to be correcting now ,i quit on the 15th may without any patches or any help at all went cold turkey was easier at first which was strange but started to struggle first thing in the morning ,i have wrote on a calender what i have saved and i have been treating myself with the rewards just had a wobble today but so far not gave in sure it will pass ,i am joining a gym with the money saved cause i have lost 3 and half stone and i so don't want to put it back on its my main worry i do not eat more .

in reply to kimsuzanne

i quit cold turkey too (almost a year ago) and had a lot of trouble with not sleeping too. Again, this is just one of the symptoms and it does get better. For me i had this for a couple of months before i started sleeping properly again :) :)

Joining the gym will certainly help you from not putting the weight on that you have worked hard to lose.

Be aware that smoking increases you metabolism, so when you quit smoking it slows down and this contributes you why weight gain is a common problem with quitting smoking and can be a deterrent to even try.

i weigh less that what i did when i quit smoking :) :) When i quit i was pretty unfit and did no exercise. I started walking :) :) I brought a pedometer but now use a fitbit. I wont accept anything less than 10,000 steps a day and average around 13,000 :) :)

jim22448834 Months Winner

100% this is a side effect. Boy do I know how you are feeling.

Its almost like grief for an old friend. All our emotions are linked to chemicals.

The relief/satisfaction/thrill that we felt when we smoked is linked to this.

You have become a non smoker and therefore depriving your body of this buzz.

That's why its so addictive.

It will get better and you will feel better. It is better to feel this now then live with regret later on as to why you didn't quit.

This is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your health.

Ride it out , it does get better. Be kind to yourself.

This week put the money aside you would have spent say over 10 days and then go and spend it on something you really want as a treat!

Jim x

kimsuzanne9 MONTH WINNER
in reply to jim224488

thanks jim ,for your support you are right i have said i am missing my friend ,how silly is that but i truly am ,its like i am in mourning my daughters cannot understand me seeing they are non smokers and i have gave up trying to make them understand ,i have stopped for 19 days and i am using money to join the gym cause worried about putting on weight i have recently lost over 3 stone so do not want to gain weight at all .kim x

jim22448834 Months Winner
in reply to kimsuzanne

Hi Kim,

You will never make a non smoker understand the emotional turmoil some of us feel. If you asked a smoker what they could easily give up for 3 days. Everything would be on that list except smoking.

I do suffer from generalised anxiety and have had mild depression in the past, I am well accustomed to recognising symptoms. Giving up has brought a lot of the symptoms back. But because I know that it is for this reason it is much easier to work through it.

In the long term I'm fed up of being a slave to this habit and have now got my life, my time and my money back. I am also going to find my health getting better as I get older and hopefully be around for a lot longer than I would be if I carried on.

Remember when you get tempted NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)

Also try not to think of "quitting" you have moved from being a smoker to a non- smoker. A good life style choice that only has benefits and absolutely no downside.

Jim x

in reply to jim224488

Onya Jim! Sound advice indeed. It is said that 2 common events that trigger anxiety or depression is the end of a relationship or moving house. We can add a third, but let's not forget, we have CHOSEN to part company with cigarettes. Kim, you're past the nicotine withdrawal phase, so you can discount that as a factor. Your feeling down may be from something other than grieving the loss of your "friends", but you probably used to console yourself when you were feeling down in the past by having a ciggie.

XoxNataloushxoX20 Months Winner

Its normal to feel emotional, and a great thing you came here for support :-)

Congratulations on you 19 days, it's can do it...the worse has already passed.

It's only a matter of minutes and you will feel better again. Breath in.........breath out..


EllaJ196814 Month Winner

I've been there! Done That! You will have very low days - just remember 45 years is a long time to have smoked (I did 31 years) so 19 days is a super achievement. You really have to look at how far you have come and how your body is recovering from the abuse (Yes smoking is just that). When I felt low, I took a walk, or treated myself to a bar of chocolate...I also logged on here and read success stories - and can say that I am one thus far! Keep on keeping on. In time you will look back on this day and feel just great...chin up!

mrssunnyside3 YEAR WINNER

Hi KimSuzanne, I to smoked for 45 years, and yes had all the emotions, depressed, weepy, angry, feeling lost, and as everyone will say it does get better :-)

I must admit I hate the smell now !! Hubby still smokes, and I'm paranoid the house smells even though he smokes outside it seeps in through the windows !!! so I'm forever lighting scented candles, :-D

Please stay strong, Here's to us being Happier, Healthier Older people, :-)

kimsuzanne9 MONTH WINNER
in reply to mrssunnyside

thank-you for your support means a lot ,so strange after 19 days without to much craving i had a big wobble today ,but at least i didn't light up went on-line joined a gym so that's where i will be heading ,same here hubby smokes but he is trying bless him to give up too he has been so proud because he knows how much i loved my ciggies lol but i just cant afford the cost any-more because i cant smoke roll ups like a lot of people can plus i was getting to many chest infections so knew what was around the corner ,feel calmer now thank goodness the mornings are the worst for me thought it would be after meals but it isnt ..yes onwards and upwards kim xxx

in reply to kimsuzanne

Welcome kimsuzanne and well done for joining the gym and resisting those cravings, you're doing brilliant and lots of good advice from our lovely members to help you on your quit journey😊 stay strong coz you can do it👍x

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