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3 weeks without smoking

I feel like carp.anxiety attacks in the middle of the night. Fatigue ,shortness of breath,depression .don't have craving for a cig.but generally feel like I'm gonna die .got so bad I got a full check up to see if I'm actually dying. I have no interest in anything .

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Oh wow, Tprpr1, that sounds horrible! What was it that made you decide to give up? Would you say you are eating a reasonable diet? I don't know if it is relevant or helpful but shortages of some trace elements can cause feelings like that - it might just be worth trying taking some multi-vitamins or similar. Have you had the results of your check-up yet?


Tprp 1, I'm really sorry that you're feeling so rough but glad that you got checked out.Did you have any tests done and if you did were they O.K?

Personally I think what you're feeling is fairly normal as some liken giving up smoking to a bereavement,you feel like you lost a friend almost. Maybe what you're describing is a panic attack & if it is you need some help to overcome these feelings.

The only thing I would say is that if your poor mood continues PLEASE PLEASE go back to your doctor and discuss it.TRY taking multivitamins to boost your immune system,TRY and sit in the sun or go for a short walk.Anythng that might lift your mood.

Do you have any support? Friends/Family.Just please understand that this won't go on forever,it's transient and all the bad stuff will disappear in time.You've done really really well getting this far,3 weeks is awesome,are you using NRT or have you gone cold turkey?

Just look.after yourself,get help if you need it (G.P./ practice nurse) & in the meantime be proud of yourself.You've done brilliantly.

I have had episodes of depression and know what you're going through,get help if your mood doesn't improve soon.


Hi ya Tprpr1, you may feel crap now pal, but it will get better for you, a lot better :) :)

We are all different and we all have different symptoms when we quit, but, well, to be honest with you, it sounds like you've got the whole lot of em :(

It will take time, but you see, gradually, these symptoms will go, one by one :) making you feel much better, but saying that, maybe just go see your doc to be on the safe side eh :) :)

You take care now Tprpr1, cos I want to see you keep posting on here seeeee, you got that :) :)

Pete :)


My third week was the hardest!!!!! It gets better in a few days. Just hold on. I'm on day 32 and feel mostly good. Slight headache still and upset stomache but my energy levels are coming back so you can do it !!!


Going through same thing. Into my 4th week. SOB, fatigue,no energy,no appetite,cry all the time. Hopefully we will feel better soon. Marched into ER on Sunday. Doc found a little wheeze




Hi dee, yes you will most definitely begin to feel better soon as you really do have the worst of it over you, hang in there as your doing really really well and things will get better :) it is such a roller coaster ride this journey but well worth it so well done :) x


A BIG Thanx 4 the support. Each time was dif 4 me. The inability to breath forced me to quit this time, and it's a real downer.... Loss of lung expansion,loss of strength, appetite,energy,concentration. It's full blown

rehab...... Hoping 4 any little miracle ...... How long have u been free???



Hey Deefb well done to you, almost 4 weeks badge coming up for you next week :)

Fantastic achievement hun and you will start t feel better honestly.... its just nasty nic trying to fool you into going back to him!!

Stay strong and positive and if you need us you just holler and we will be there to help you :)


Thanks so much 4 ur support. Like I said B4,I had to reach this disabling point of lung obst. 2 help me quit. I know breathing dif is part ov nicotin rehab

course. I'm just hoping 4 a miracle that I can some day breath freely. How long have u been free ???


Hi tprpr, sorry to hear things are soooo difficult at the moment but it will pass and I know at the moment it doesn't seem like it BUT you will feel better, so hang in there and your doing really well :) honestly it will get better :) x



I was exactly the same. I was having panic attacks in the middle of the night, SOB. Hotsweats, seriously I had it all.

I'm nine months now and occasionally still have SOB and I still suffer from anxiety, although nowhere near as bad as I was.

The best advice I can give is, it's normal to feel this way I have met so many ppl who suffered this when they have up.

Just try and relax your mind. Mindfulness is a really good technique for this. Lots of calm relaxing deep breaths.

If you get really worried try to get some reassurance from the doctors, but don't make a habbit if it.

Your not alone dude, you will get though this.


Oh wow. It's so good to hear that others are suffering the same symptom's. Obviously it's not good in an evil way but listening to others makes you realise it's common and normal. I'm 3 weeks in and have been suffering from fatigue. Up at 5:45am and ready to fall back into bed by 6:15am, I kid you not! I've found out that this is a common symptom and now it doesn't seem so bad :-). All the people on this site are strong...keep going one and all. We CAN do it!


Hey DiDi66 well done for 3 weeks hun, that's a great achievement :)

Glad that you have found symptoms in common with other quitters, it does give you peace of mind in a very bizarre but comforting way :o :)

You stay strong and positive and let us know if we can help you :)


Just to say, me too! Each previous quit has failed when the anxiety symptoms grew unbearable. This time I think it helps having the ecig for comfort. Its maybe not the jolly success story I would like, but we're all different and cope with it the way we cope with it. It's really hard for some of us to quit, having this group of fellow quitters helps, reading tips, knowing we're not alone, and the way it is is 'normal' for some of us. I go quiet when I can't be cheerful about it, because I feel a bit ashamed of being stupid, weak, anxious irritable and miserable. But I'm hanging on in here and doing it! Yay! Miserable git, but much healthier in body, and getting there

A bit proud maybe?

It gets better I'm sure, can't be doing with wrecking my body with smoking forever! No way! That's definitely no answer!


Hi Betts, have been thinking about you and wondered how things were going for you as I haven't talked to you in ages :) glad you hanging in there and never mind the (bit) proud Betts, you be really really proud coz you're doing brilliant :) well done you :) x


Thanks Briar :) And you are doing just great too! So supportive, and so QUIT :)

Think my head's coming up a bit, but don't want to speak too soon.



Well just happy for ya anyway coz it's such a difficult thing to do and we just have to keep going forward, one step at a time :) so long as we don't step backwards :D : D x


Forward, back, sideways, all over the place! Doing a sort of quickstep, maybe a waltz, I don't know :o ! On the spot :D

Took the nicotine strength back up to mix of 10 and 18, but I guess that just has to be right for now

I think maybe I over expected a smooth downward nic path to completely cleanly quit in a few months. It'll take longer....

Hoping to work up to the bumwiggle dance again one day and ..... be myself again :) And smokefree too


Oh dear Betts, this is not a bit smooth for me either, tried down as well but had to go back up :(

It's like one step forward and two to the side and do you know what, it might take us a little longer but we ARE gonna get there, do ya hear me? We ARE :)

We are not ever going back to dirty smelly smokes ever

We will do this, we will, we will :) x


Have the same S/S as u. Each time I quite ,my symptoms r different. This has been the worst.. SOB, fatigue, loss of appetite, and now I have this stange internal chemical smell.

I use to smoke Marl lites. I know they added a new chemical flavor the past yr B4 I quit. Compromised breathing is scaring me the most. Hopefully it will pass. No wt. gain here. The opposite 4 me....... Yes, tobacco controlled my life. Like people say, it's like u lost ur best friend/enemy.........I am however very optimist in that we both will feel better sooooooon:)



We will, Dee, we will :) For sure. So we are sticking with it and getting through.

Every day's a new day, and it is good to know that we're not so poisoned by cigs! When I read and think about the poisons they put in I just cannot go back to that.

Breathing definitely improves, - and the rest :) ! I'm sure yours should too.

Wishing you a good day today :) Stay strong. The Sun's out :)


Hey Tprpr1,

I seem to have completely missed your post sorry :-( Thankfully our amazing members have offered lots of advice above and I don't think I could have added any better myself :-)

Please let us know how you are now and whether or not you feel that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay strong and if you feel that you can't, please have another read through all the messages of support that have been sent to you as I'm sure they'll help you to realise you are not alone in this stopping smoking malarkey.

Positive vibes winging their way over to you now ;-)


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