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4th day smoke, alcohol, and drug free!

4th day smoke, alcohol, and drug free!

I'm proud to say I have now been 4 days smoke, alcohol, and drug free. I have not done this since I started when I was 13. Now at 24 years old I have a family to provide for, and don't have time to waste doing stupid things that get my family Nowhere. So that being said, I'm extremely happy I'm actually doing it. Only thing this is, I'm starting to feel like I can't quit smoking cigarettes. Everyday I go without smoking is a miracle. Most of my coworkers Smoke right in front of me which makes quiting that much harder. Any tips to help???

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Hiya Xavier and welcome to quit support😃

Congratulations on your achievement and be very proud you have made a great decision for you and your family👍

It's not easy but it really will be worthwhile and even though your co workers are smoking around you, you can still do this. We have a mantra here that works very well, NOPE which is Not One Puff Ever. Keep saying this to yourself over and over again. My husband smokes and I managed to quit with the help of the lovely people here and NOPE. You are doing extremely well with 4 days and please don't think you can't do it, tell yourself you CAN do it. Stay positive and believe in yourself. Just take one day at a time and your co workers will see how well you're doing and how much money you're NOT burning up in smoke. We are here to help and will be with you every step of the way. I'm sure other members will be along shortly to offer you some more tips. You can do it👍👍😃x

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Hi xavier and a warm welcome to quit support.

Be very proud of your decision to quit smoking both for yourself and your family.

You are still very young and can get you lungs back to where they should be :) :)

Try not to see it as quitting smoking....see it a healthier life style :) :) . Try combining it with exercise .

You can so do this, the hardest part is getting your head in the right place..and as Briar said, the NOPE mantra just works :) :)

Come on here as often as you need too to rant rave..just dont light up :D :D

The great thing is - we all know what it is like to quit smoking...and we all say its not easy..but so worth it..down load an app on your phone and watch the $$$ grow from not wasting money on cigarettes

All the very best of luck..one day at a time :) :)

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Aup Xavier a big warm welcome to quit support :)

Sooooo, your not just 4 days quit the smokes, BUT your alcohol and drug free toooooo, flippin ACE pal, just one hell on a fantastic achievement :) :) and I truly take my hat off to you :)

You should be soooo proud of yourself :) and for doing it for your new family too :) Xavier, your very young, so you should start to reap the benefits quickly, your body should heal a lot faster :) Drink plenty of water and try to exercise and feel sorry for your coworkers who smoke :o maybe ask them not to smoke in front of you, if thats possible :) Perhaps take some time off work if you can, then when you go back, you will have more smokefree days and be stronger :)

Your doing ever so well Xavier and am sending you some stay strong vibes over to you where ever you are, I hope you get them soon :)

Good luck :) Pete :)


Welcome Xavier 😀

Good for you making the decision towards a healthier lifestyle 😄

Be positive and be strong you can do this. If you find things getting too much try and find a support network, find out about any services you can access where you are😃

Good luck and keep in touch


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Ah Xavier.

There is not a single person on here who would not dream and wish of being 24 again and deciding to give up.

Look at those people smoking and realise they are getting a two minute hit that they will need to repeat over and over just to keep their nicotine levels up.

When your young family start to grow you will start to realise you want to be around to see them and you want to play and run around with them.

If it gets too much try some Nicotine replacement therapy , it will stop you going back to the fags.

Keep going this is the best thing you will ever do. Its a pointless habit that will end up costing you £25,000 + for a two minute buzz.

Ride those cravings, they pass.



Hi Xavier, massive well done for kicking 3 habits in one go. Not easy but definitely achievable :)

It may sound ridiculous but when I quit I listed all the reasons that I wanted to stop. It turned out a long list including: I didn't want to stink of smoke any more, I wanted to save money to get tattooed, I wanted to be able to breathe better etc. Every time I felt like sneaking a puff in I took out my list to see if the things on there were less important than the craving. You have an amazing reason for quitting and I'm sure that will keep you strong :) really good luck with it all, we're all behind you 100% :) x


Firstly,well done on an AWESOME quit so far,you're doing really really well.I'm 56 now & started smoking when I was just 16 & to be honest if I could turn the clock back to make sure I never started smoking in the first place then I would.The money I've wasted on cigs over the years would've bought a small house,paid for around 120 expensive holidays,bought me 3 or possibly 4 wardrobes full of new clothes & shoes & if that's not enough I also wouldn't have COPD.I quit a while ago now (20 months) & believe me the first couple of weeks are hard but get thru those & you won't look back.Be strong & in a few short weeks you'll wonder why you ever needed cigs & alcohol in the first place.Good Luck.


Hi Xavier and welcome to this lovely bunch of quitters :) you are doing really well and your almost at your first week quit :) WHOOHOO

Think about what you want for you and your family, whether its to do with your health or providing for your family.... or both :)

I have had a fantastic holiday on the money I saved by not smoking and I continue to save for the next one... :)

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do things for your family and have special memories together?? Your children can grow up with a healthy dad who will be able to chase after them, play sports with them and tickle them to within an inch of their life and not have to go outside and have a smoke...!!! :D your co-workers will be envious..... no standing outside in the rain, snow, force gale wind just to burn a bit of paper that will increase your risk of cancer..... or other lung incapacitating diseases.... :(

you and your family deserve a healthy life :)

Your doing fantastically well and we are all here to help you achieve your goal :)

Keep up the good work, stay strong and focused and just holler if you need us :) :)


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