4 months smoke free

I thought by now I would be reaping more benefits of quitting cigarettes but my being short of breath a lot and now occasional wheezing is making it difficult for me to believe in did good by quitting smoking. I started smoking when I was 18....quit while pregnant twice....started back as soon as I delivered babies...quit in 1988 ....that lasted 5 years and in '93 I started again....a pack a day since then. I'm 61 years old. I'm over the cigarettes...done with them. It's how rotten I feel that's got me down...along with 20 pounds in gained. Totally frustrated!! Anyone out there having the same issues?

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  • Hi Kathy well done , that's amazing:) from reading what some if our other member have gone through the recovery time a nd symtons vary with everyone. Hang on in there . I believe it can take up to 12 months :( your body is recovering from all the effects of the chemicals. I too had been a smoker for 30 odd years. It's hard I know . Your amazing and a winner I'm sure you will get there. Maybe some of our other members who are further on will chat to you on how they felt . Take care here if you want a chat :) x

  • Hi Kathy, and well done on your 4 months smoke free. :) :)

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly - it maybe worth visiting your GP of peace of mind.

    We do need to be patient..with years and years of over 4000 chemicals going into our bodies - it does take some time for us to feel better.

    There is no real time frame, every day that you dont smoke, you are one day closer :) :)

    I think most of us felt worse before we felt better :) :) so please hang in there..it does get better and it so worth it :) :)

  • Hi Kathy, my quit story mirrors yours quite strongly even tho I'm approx 9 months 'clean' now!! I too have SOB (always thought that was short for something else!!) so had a spirometry test at docs and it turns out I have COPD. I wasn't overly surprised really-I smoked for over 40 years & didn't think I'd get away with it totally scot free. I've been prescribed a Spiriva inhaler (to go along with the Seretide & Ventolin ones!) & I have to say, my breathing is so much better. I know you may be scared to get checked out by your GP but it does help to know what you're dealing with & if he can help with improving your quality of life, then that's gotta be a good thing huh? I can now honestly say quitting's been the best thing I've done for my health, self esteem, confidence etc and even though, like you, I'm carrying a 20lb 'no smoking' baby around at the mo, I plan on 'giving birth' to a whole new me this Spring!! Yes, the weight gains rubbish but I can do something about that & I for one would rather be a little plumptious than wheezing after doing the stairs to get to the bathroom!! Stick with it Kathy, always around if you need a chat/moan/winge!!! Much love, Poll X

  • your story sounds pretty much like mine, and probably many others here. I started smoking age 15 and am 69 now so 54 years and at best I was on 4 a day. I managed to quit twice before but gave in again. most of my friends smoked at the time so it was too tempting to not join them. I had 4 heart attacks 6 years ago and have copd. I need help with everything. showering dressing etc. I am so short of breath even just sitting. none of the smoking so called friends call not even on the phone. We moved to Spain in the hopes of cleaner air for my asthma. since packing in this time, will be 5 months next week, I have never felt so ill. I am wondering when I will feel some benefit for going through these cravings and fighting soooo hard to stay off the weed. my breathing is really bad. yesterday I was told I may have to have the oxygen 24/7 i use it 12hours overnight plus 4 during the afternoon if I need it. reading the posts on here, seeing how well some are doing and also how bad it is for others helps a lot. even if you dont post yourself, do read them, the pinned posts too.

    hope you feel better soon. hugs xx

  • Thank you for your input. ....I hope you're having a good day!

  • I can totally relate to how u feel.

    Never thought I could live with out cigarettes till my health got the best of me

    I just turned 60. It's a daily battle with breathing and exhaustion. Don't want to run to

    the DOC's for every little thing.I try to do those breathing excersizes they teach u for COPD.

    It does help. Some days are worse than others. Today I feel very short of breath. It's a daily battle. . It's just the way it is for now. Let's just hope for the best!!!

  • It's such a relief to know I'm not the only one who suffers. I'm 61 years young. Smoked for 40+ of those years. I'm sure my lungs are messed up. I've had quite a few good days in the last couple weeks so maybe I'm on my way to healing. Today not so much! Rome wasn't built in a day....maybe I should try harder to realize it's going to be a while before my lungs can function without cigarettes. Thank you!

  • Another odd thing, after I quit ,was all these strange chemical smells

    from my lungs. Like burning plastic.It was a strange smell. Not good not bad just weird.Lasted for about 4months. I also lost my sense of taste. They say it comes back. Over a year now, still taste nothing,not happening.

    Eating is difficult too. It wears me out more and exacerbates the SOB

    Small meals is the way to go. The air can't get in and can't get out.

    What a mess

  • Oh shit I'm the same way! I think the smell is rotten and sometimes I think it's rotten lungs! And everything I do makes me short of breath! And I push myself and make myself breathe. It is a mess. I will never smoke again! None of this started until I was over 6 weeks into my quit. The wheezing is less now tho...maybe a light at the end of the tunnel! ☺

  • Hi kathysue do you have a lung condition. I have COPD and stopped smoking. If you have a lung condition stopping smoking only slows down the progression of the condition you will still get breathless but you can get inhalers to help with that. If you haven't been tested for a lung condition I would get tested take care

  • Hi Kathy, been 9 months since I had a ciggie, an same as u, I went to doctors an had breathing tests done, nothing really nasty like c,o,p,d ect, but gave me an asthma pump for bad days, which r mostly the damp ones, I also find going for a good walk every day is helping, like u for 48 years I pumped nicotine in my body, an I think it's gonna take a lot of time to get rid of , an while it does every thing nicotine stuck together is now falling to bits lol, so hope you feel better soon, Jude x

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