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Two months not smoking


Just thought I would check in, It's been over two months now and going well, I still get mild cravings from time to time, usually when I'm relaxing or a bit stressed but they are more of an annoyance than anything. I'm also on week sixof Couch to 5 K and loving it. I'm running 3 times a week, feel amazing and have lost 7lbs so far. If I can do this at 54 after smoking since I was a teenager anyone can do it. Stick with it if you are trying it really is the most incredible sense of freedom :-)

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Atta121 Months Winner

Wow that’s amazing, each day gets easier and well done on the running too, I love running x

Well done pig! My knee is actually buggered so i may have to give it more time - even go back a few steps and start again. Make sure you dont skip your rest days!

Rigpig8 MONTH WINNER in reply to Enxo

Don't give up , go do some swimming instead, you have come too far to let it slide now.


Brilliant inspiring post Rigpig. You are doing well in more ways than one. A fit non-smoker.

Well done! XXXX :)


Well done Rigpig👏, 9 smoke free weeks is a good start! I'm glad you're enjoying C2K too.

You'll be 3 months quit at the beginning of January just watch those Christmas parties which have caused many a hiccup in the past!🙄

If you have a look around we've been posting how to survive the biggest party season of the year.🥂

Thanks for dropping by. A very Happy Christmas🎅🎄 to you and yours.

I've sorted your badge,sorry hun sometimes we miss one.🚭xx


Wonderful post, so inspiring Rigpig! Thank you, it will most certainly help others!


Well done Rig, great to see you doing so well👍

Lots to be proud of👏

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and a terrific New Year🚭🎄🤶😘

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