8th day

I'm on my 8th day and I am wondering when I will start feeling normal.. cravings are everyday my worst days were 4th 5th 6th by far.. but I still feel out of place.. Still find it hard to concentrate and I still feel anxiety..

Find my self wishing the day would end.. in hopes that tomorrow is a better day..

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  • Welcome LatinBella😊

    You're doing great ! You've made it through the 1st week. That has got to be the hardest because the habit of lighting up hasn't been broken yet. Be patient easier said than done. The people on site are super encouraging . We will help you through the roller coaster of quitting.

    Just think of the healing that's taking place in our bodies every day we are smoke free👍

    Take care😊

  • It's smooth sailing after the second week. You have gone through the worst already. Good luck

  • Congratulations you have nearly done the hardest week and that is the worse. I will take nothing from you I know it is hard I have been there and done that. Believe me it does get easier are you doing this cold turkey or do you have some NRT help.....I found personally that the Patches and the inulator took the edge of and I managed to cope a lot better. "Just gently weaned myself of" I had smoked for 30 years and heavy at that.

    The most important thing is, you will be free. Hang in there we are here for you when you need us.

    P.S - I grew up in Stratford upon Avon but can't write for toffee, well maybe a few sonnets.

    Take care

  • Thank you Bummie.. I am using TBX it has helped a lot there is no nocotine in it.. but it has help with the cravings and withdrawal aren't as bad.. After I finish my second week I will probably stop those all together maybe just keep them in my purse incase..

    I think if my energy would come back I would be ok.. hoping that happens soon..

    and thank you for your help

  • Good morning LatinBella, Well done on deciding to quit smoking. Best thing you can do , to help your body and your wealth.

    The first two or three weeks are the hardest as your body is still adjusting , to the nicotine withdrawal. Plus your routine is different , no hand to mouth actions. It does get easier the further you go into your quit journey. Are you taking any form of nicotine replacement, or are you going cold turkey ?

    Have a browse through the pinned posts, there is plenty of helpful information on there.

    I will pop you on to our wall of winners and assign you your badge. I have your quit date as 9th March, if this is wrong please let me know.

    Stay with us on this site and you will soon be talking months not days. :) xxx

  • Thank you Jilly that sound about right I have been reading up on things as much I can.. And I am using TBX.. which has helped a lot..and thanks for your encouraging words

  • ☺☺☺👍xx

  • Hi LatinBella, please let us know how you get on with TBX. as not many members have used this. As it is nicotine free I am interested for our other members. :)

  • Hello and well done on your first week. It can feel really tough in the first few weeks. Hang in there. My top priority is be kind to yourself. Fill the time you would have smoked by having a nice long soak in the bath or a siesta when you can, did me the world of good!. Also excercise is good, a walk round the block to clear your head to let some of the frustration from building up. Whatever you do, make it work into your daily routine. We made time for those dirty fags so we should have time to look after ourselves now😊😊.

    Take care and good luck, you can do this💪💪🚭🚭

  • That is true Frosty I was doing the exercise thing and over did now I am very sore.. but I totally get what your saying it makes a lot of sense.. thank you for your encouraging words..

  • Hi LatinBella - your body is free of nicotine now, it is now in the grip of a mental battle... hang in there, I promise you it DOES get easier.

    I am in my 5th week now and remember very clearly the feeling that you are going through - my anxiety was at its worst on day 1, 3 and day 8 strangely, for some reason…

    I am on Champix at the moment, which is supposed to be a 12 week course, but into my 5th week, I have decided to half my dose, with the intention of stopping the tablets completely in a few weeks… I feel mentally strong enough but I am also not complacent that Mr. Nic can strike at any time..

    I know it’s hard but just try to keep thinking that you are strong and will not give in and I’m sure your willpower will get you through – it might be useful to try to distract yourself as much as possible – walks, exercise, baths, fill your room with nice candles - anything to take your mind off it.

    If it makes you feel better, I rarely think about cigarettes now, even though I am only on my 5th week and considering my partner still smokes (outside) is hard to do.

    Take care and stay strong – you CAN do this!!

    Mel :D

  • Thank you Melf... for your encouraging words..

  • I haven't touched a cigarette Since the 8th of march.. I am unsure why I still have cravings.. I feel much better.. my sleep, breathing, moods, and energy has all improved.. just waiting for the cravings to go away..

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