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Two Weeks

Well made it to two weeks starting to feel a lot better still cravings for JUST one ciggie but this time will try not to give in Cannot get out and start training for the bike rides yet due to weather been doing a bit in the gym breathing seems improved not sure if thats just in my mind or not but does seem to have improved anyway that will do for now Thank you so much to all on here for your support and stories



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Well done Garry I am sure that you wil carry on as a non smoker because you seem to have a very positive attitude. suecx


Know just how you feel garry, I like getting out on my bike, only a casual leisure cyclist but really missing it, am going stir crazy with this weather, must have picked the worst year ever to stop smoking. Keep going, the weather can only get better. You're doing really well to only crave one cig all day.


Hey Garry, great to hear how well you are doing. Keep up the good achievements and remember to 'roll with it' and 'go with the flow'.

Cravings may lie low for a bit waiting to raise their ugly heads when 'they think' that you won't expect them... Just have a quick to use strategy in place should these times arise.

You are doing fab :-)


Well done Garry, your doing great, that positive attitude will help you through this :)


well done gary you doing great !! DO NOT LET OLE NIC back in..its not worth it trust me :) you have manged 14 days without him,you've proved you don't need him,so onwareds and upwards :) reap the benefits :) you seem to be in a good place which is great lots of positiveness..pat on the back and tlc. Have a great day you non smoker :)x jan


Many Thanks to you all such great encouragement all have a fantastic easter holiday


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