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day 25

well im now on day 25 its been a hard slog but im determined to keep to my quit its my 5th attempt but this time seems different its because i want to succeed, the cravings have been quite bad today coming in waves even though im using the patches and occasional gum, but i have had days like this before week one was hell week, week 2 better im almost in week 4, i do feel better in my self i have started going on the treadmiil each evening for 20 mins not much but its more than i did when i smoked, i wasnt a skinny person when i gave up smoking but still finding it hard not to stuff my face with everything i see, i have counted calories not always easy but i will get there. i have realised i hate queues bad drivers and most people seem to annoy me more ha ha but all in all its going well, the strange thing is weird to say i miss my ciggarette it feels like i have lost a friend so im in mourning at the moment silly isnt it. i lost my mum a few years ago from lung cancer which spread to her brain she was a very small quiet women who never moaned thats why we didnt realise anything was wrong with her by the time we did it was too late the doctors gave her 3 weeks to live and she passed away 3 weeks later she never complained she even stopped smoking for those 3 weeks why i kept asking my self even today i still ask why did she quit, what was the point then i had a moment she wanted to die a non smoker she hated smoking but found it hard to quit, except for when it was too late, if my mum can quit when faced with death then i too can quit for my life sorry to blah on but just needed to get my thoughts out i guess giving up causes moments to reflect on things in life, you know since my quit i have managed to save £150.00 never thought i could do that not going to touch it will keep saving and watch it mount up, there are moments when that voice comes up and says you really would like a fag yes i could but not today each day i will say not today,

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You are doing really well and the "yes i could but not today" line is very good.

Taking each day at a time and remembering to stay positive. Looking at the money you have saved will certainly make you smile, any ideas how you will treat yourself yet?

You're not wrong when you say giving up causes moments of reflection or contemplating things in life - This isn't a bad thing and can help spur you on.

With regards to cravings, remember, nobody said it would be easy, but everybody says that it's worth it!

Well done to you :-)


Hi ya Windylindy50, nice to meet you, i lost my Dad a year ago now due to cancer, only he lasted 6 months,the doctors gave him 3, i went to live with him to make sure he took his tablets. Just a thought about why your Mam quit smoking for that 3 weeks, you say she was a quiet woman, perhaps it was a message to you, if she can do it, then you can do it too!!!! so dont you give up giving up gal, do it for your Mam.

You say your on patches the same as me but i have found that i seem to have a lot of wind, i just wandered whether thats why you've called yourself Windylindy, sorry if i'm wrong gal. Will chat again sometime if you let me.

Pete. :-)


hi monky and emjay well im glad to say now a month in and its all been fine had a couple of craves but today just had the one, and to be honest havnt really thought about smoking much, ive started on the treadmill this evening managed to do 30 minutes have downloaded the couch to 5k on my phone will be giving this a go to, and monky nah its not why i call my self windylindy but good thought i finally told my family that i quit a month ago hubby knew but brothers and sisters they were so pleased for me as they all used to smoke years and years ago but quit. they have been so supportive now, enjoying my quit so much feel happier and healthier and yes monky this quitting causes terrible wind hee hee


Aup Lin, great to see you on here gal, the way i see it is that i would rather be letting wind out than sucking smoke in, if that makes sense!!!

You try to stick to that exercising, it does help, well it helps me a lot, keep it up gal, magic, erm i hope you dont mind me asking but whats the couch??????? i know i'm thick gal, bye for now.

Pete. :-)


Thats brilliant, you really are doing so well, I bet that your hubby and family are really proud of you :-)

I've heard so much about the Couch to 5k and think this is a really good way to introduce yourself to exercising whilst giving up smoking.

Fitness and health benefits all round... onwards and upwards :-)


hi emjay couch to 5k is umm how can i put it flippin hard honest didnt realise how unfit i was, only did 10 mins of it ha ha but will keep at it, wish mu hubby didnt smoke (rollies) but his choice he has to want to do it but i feel great odd crave but knock it too the side and do something else yes it is onwards and upwards


10 minutes is a great start though Lin. From what I have read, the Couch to 5K is designed to encourage you to slowly build the momentum up until you feel less puffed and more fit.

Sometimes we have couples or friends who come to see us who would like to stop smoking togeter. All is well when they both first stop smoking and are supportive to each other, however - if one of them smokes then this means that the other person has to put in that extra bit of effort to continue to stay stopped.

At the end of the day, if you can focus on staying stopped for your own reasons and for your own health benefits then this is what matters. Once your husband sees the improvements all round, he'll hopefully follow suit... If not, then I'm sure you'll still love him :-)


hi monky

the couch to 5k is to get people of there settes and up and moving it is good but hard i suppose once i get used to it it will be a doddle :) you start off walking for 5 minutes the running for 60 seconds then walking again you do this for 20 minutes 3 times a week. untill your running for the full 20 minutes it sounds hard but its slow but sure way of working out, at the moment my weight hasnt gone up staying the same no matter how much exercise i do im hoping once my metabolic rate steadys out the weight loss will start, im not getting my self upset over it my quit comes first and foremost


Thats a great way to look at it Lin, sometimes it's best that we prioritise what means the most to us... and then get the job done.

Stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health. Thats a fact!



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