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Day 32 smoke free and struggling

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I have not been on here for 3 weeks, but i am at a loss, it was all going well but i am finding the quitting very hard. Not for the issue of craving cigs because i dont, its the effects of stopping that is the problem, and i am starting to wonder is this really worth it? Since quitting i started to walk when cravings hit, on average i walk 5 miles most days and i have continued this because i enjoy it, but i have started eating more, i was over weight before but now, my husband says im snapping all the time which i do not see this, i think im talking in normal tones, and the depression, o boy im crying at everything, i feel like a complete wreck, i only have to talk about not smoking which doesnt bother me any my eyes are tearing up, telling my sons teacher on how he as been this morning as me tearing up. I havent felt like this 7 years when i had postnatal depression. My gums that were fine before have started to hurt and bleed alot since quitting, is this the normal process to quitting smoking? Does it get better? I have quite smoking twice before but that was due to pregnancies so smoking was not a option as unborn babies came first so it was easier. I dont know what to do. Isnt it mad how these white tubes with a yellow butt can rule you? I still have a single cig sitting on my kitchen window, its been there since the night i quit smoking. I kept it as a psychological aid as in if i need one it is there so i didnt have that panic and was able to quit. I still can not throw it in the bin, i only have to think about throwing and my stomach turns and i feel dread. Ok my plea for help turned into a essay lol. I hope everyone else is doing better.

Mrs T

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Hi Mrs T . Well done for getting so far. Keep strong. It certainly is a roller coaster with your emotions, your not on your own. I too have had times of being in deep dark depression, it will lift. But if it doesn't maybe go and see your GP. I also have not been the best person to be with sometimes, days when i can't stop snapping at my husband, but that has gone now. My gums also started to get very sore, that is a symptom. But I have just been the dentist for deep clean and the dentist said that not smoking has improved my gums already after 6 weeks :) so hold on in there. You could read some of the pinned post on symptoms of quitting on your right very helpful.

You are really doing Fantastic , I know you don't feel like it but believe me , it's a great achievement , and you should be Proud. And yes your right we don't realise how much control those cigs had over our life's , they are just not worth it:) You can do it . Here if you need a chat xx


Hi MrsT

Sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time with quitting. Sadly what you are experiencing is all very common symptoms of recovery.

DO have a read of the pinned posts as there is a lot of info on what to expect as your body recovers not only from nicotine but the 4000 chemicals that are in cigarettes

What i can tell you is no matter what quitting throws your way, it does not last :) :) No two quits are the same, but there a few common things..

Yes it can be tough

nothing lasts too long

Yes it is bearable ( even though we question that)

Yes it is so very worth it :) :)

Hang in there mrsT as this get better, mild depression and or anxiety is very time you wonder if it is all worth it..I thin we have all questioned that...But all of us that has successfully quit are so glad we weathered the storm :) :) :)

All the very best of luck :) :)

Can you me let me know your quit date so we can sort out your badge ..Thanks xx

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Thank you both so much, i feel a little better knowing it is normal and it will not last forever, even now when i wonder if its worth it, i dont get that urge to start running to the shops ( i can now that i can breath haha) to buy a pack of cigs because in all honesty the thought crosses my mind but i dont want to smoke, i enjoy not spending my money on something that goes up in smoke, no pun intended, i like running up the stairs and not bent over gasping for breath. I think i will go to the doctor if this continues, i suppose its this fragile feeling or how others see me, they talk to me and my eyes are filling and feeling choked. Right i need to snap out of this and find a way how to otherwise im going to be a emotional wreck.

My quit day was 15th feb 2016 x

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Good for you, you have already named several positives already on your health. Take care and stay close xx


Aw Mrs T, I feel your pain and have been there too😒

I think we have all questioned is it worth it😩 and I can honestly say yes, it is.

I too suffered with awful gum problems, use warm salt water rinses and corsydl mouth wash and give it a bit of time as this will clear up. Nothing ruins your gums like smoking😑

I wasn't a very nice person to live with in the early days, very snappy too and I also kept a packet of cigs hidden for months. So you see it really is all very normal side effects. Quitting is very difficult and we struggle a lot in the beginning but I can promise you it will get better, so hang in there. Stay close to this site and let it all out coz it helps to realise others are going through the same thing.

You are doing terrific and should be very proud of yourself. Over a month is a great achievement, so well doneπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Be kind to yourself and hang in there. Lots of deep breathing will help and know all this will pass, you can do itπŸ’πŸ˜Š

dunn15 Month Winner

Hang in there if you can -- you are not alone!

All the Best, Dunn

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Hello Mrs T and congratsπŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ you're doing your future health good !! It's an easy decision to quit but not so easy to do. I had headaches, peeling roof of my mouth, nausea, exhaustion , depression and now almost 6 months smokefree, I'm FINALLY free of the psychological addiction..... The physical addiction lasted a month but I found the psychological dependence extremely difficult but it finally ran its course and I have different coping mechanisms..

Hang in there Mrs T.... This all will pass 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭😷😷😷😷



Hi Mrs T πŸ‘‹

You're doing great, don't give up, believe in yourself

If you can read Allen Carr " the Easyway to stop smoking" it certainly helped me and others in our quit. Not the best written book but i found it really made me question why I smoked and made me realise I wasn't giving up anything, I was gaining my freedom from the constraints that being a smoker brings.

You can do this Mrs T, πŸ‘πŸ‘



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