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Outpouring of Support

I am sitting here crying. I had been surprise by the support I have received here. But today, an hour ago, I posted in my Status on Facebook

"I hope I do not jinx myself by telling everyone this but after 44 years 9 months of smoking (35 years at 50 cigs a day) I have now been smoke free for 25 days. Yay me.

NOPE Not one Puff ever."

Well, I have to tell you the outpouring of support has been unbelievable. Family, friends, and Facebook friends all telling me why it is so important to quit and get healthy, both for our joint futures together, and for my own future.

I do not think I have ever believed how valuable others consider me.

Yup, sitting here crying, but I have to tell you all, it truly is a good cry.

Happy smoke free days to all. Hugs, K

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Well done kaelie on 25 days😃🎉🎊.

You are doing brilliantly 👍and also doing the best thing for yourself. The support you can receive when quitting can be amazing and it just goes to show that people do care and love you.

Just keep going as you have been and know that you haven't jinxed your quit you have empowered it and yourself. Have a lovely smoke free day ☺☺xx


Oh kaelie, it was so good to read your post just now! Huge congratulations on 25 days quit after so many years, it is tremendous!

And also finding out how much you are loved and valued, as you always have been. I think smoking is a very internalising thing, just us, the fag, all looking in instead of out, in our own heads too much, and if we can throw the fags away and look out and up we could see better all the good things and people around us. And you've put it out there and let all those people in :) Tears of appreciation and finding out just how wonderful you are :)

Stay strong, and have a great day. Love and hugs xxx


Hi Kaelie, Congratulations from me :-)

So pleased you have so much support, it makes all the difference when we are going through such a hard time quitting.

Keep going, Your a STAR. X :-)


Hiya Kaelie, 25 days is a fantastic achievement, well done hun😊

You are wonderful and loved and I'm so happy that you are now beginning to see the true meaning of this from your family and friends. This is a brilliant bonus of quitting and thanks for sharing this very special moment with us😊x


Hi kaelie, and well done on your 25 days quit

That is is awesome that you have all that support from family and friends :) :)

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Ahhhhhh kaelie...... whooooohoooo hun on your FANTABULOUS quit.... over two thirds through your 1st month quit 😆😆😆 well done hun 😉 glad you have now got even more support f err on friends and family 😉😉

Keep up the good work 😆

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