miss you guys but always thinking of you

I went cold turkey on January 10th of this year, it's march 5th and boy this has been a roller coaster ride!! I decided to quit my job, sometime i regret it and others I realize it was for my best interest, I am sixty years old and my husband and I quit together, I have gained weight!! I weight 225 pounds up from 185 and even then i needed to lose, trying to do a low carb diet that not going to good, the emotional ride is crazy, plus we decided to get a way we like to go to the casino and this trip smoke free room and the test of will power trying to be able to enjoy myself without a smoke in my mouth, I don't want to go back. it been hard as it is moving ahead with the benefits of course. It seems like I am mad all the time, nothing to do, fighting a hard hard battle. and for some reason every thing my husband do is wrong. I am and can be a bitch and it's not something I am proud of, I love life, people, and smiling and being happy all the time use to be me.

I want a smoke free life friends support both ways and happiness!!! Thank you guys for the positive feed back, for i know all must face their own individual journey. Missed you ALL

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  • I know exactly how you feel with the weight business.

    I gave up 2 years ago but lapsed after 3 months.

    I had gained half a stone.

    In the last 2 years I've never lost it, so starting the quit again. Probably put another half stone on but I'm not going to get hung up on it.

    You have done brilliantly, well done. You are a star.


  • Aup Itnotme, its lovely ta see ya again :) :)

    Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your 8 weeks quit :) that is just flippin fantastic gal and am dead PROUD of ya's I am :) :) :)


    You sound on a right lowwww at the mo gal :o I'm sorry but this is part of the withdrawal that most of us have to go through :o But, But, please just give it time and then you will start to reap the benefits of quitting :) :) Please, please, just be patient eh :)

    As for you not being happy and getting onto your hubby, thats the norm gal :o just try to drink plenty of water and do a bit of exercising if you can :) even if its a bit of a dance to a CD, it all helps :) :) get that Blood flowing, oxygen flowing :) :)

    Itnotme, try to be positive and flippin PROUD of yourself :) :) and I mean PROUD of yourself :) :) cos your doing just flippin ACE on ya quit gal :) :) Hold your head up HIGH and feel gooooood that your now FREE again :) :) :) You now have a new life, a smokefree life, sooooooo, flippin get yourself sorted to your new life :) :) :) kick your old smoking life into flippin touch :) :) and ENJOYYYYYYYY :) :) :)

  • Hi itnotme, 8 weeks quit is fantastic so well done to you😊

    Yes this quit malarkey really is a roller coaster of emotions😩

    You are doing ever so well and should be very proud of yourself coz it's a very difficult thing to do. How you are feeling right now is very normal. Our bodies and minds go through enormous changes and it takes a while to settle down. Hang in there and please be patient with yourself. It is really worth it although it doesn't seem like that right now. I used to go for walks and I think that helps. Stay positive and you will get there🚭🚭🚭😊

  • Itnotme hang in there. 8 weeks what a Fantastic achievement . It is tough and certainly a roller coaster. I am going through all the emotions like you. I find myself going for a walk or lots of early nights with a book. I tell myself I will not be beaten by this addiction, cause I certainly dont want to go through this all again :) take one day at a time, and hold on to the thought that you will not feel like this for ever. :) that's what I am doing.

    Stay strong, lots of people on here to support you x

  • Thanks everybody for your support, we all know the process is hard but to get that positive feedback is priceless, Again thank you all , it gives me power to go on when I can tap into you all for the strength I need, I will thrive to give to others what you all are giving to me!!!

  • Treasure that quit Itnotme, and know that the 'insanity' passes! Much love, Poll x

  • Hello itnotme 😀

    Long time.. Great to hear from you.... Quitting is a b**** I know... My mood has finally picked up after 3 to 4 months of hell... Now I'll soon be in my 6 month....and you will too... Time flies.... Hang in there... You have our great quit support family cheering you on xxxxxxxx

    Don't be a stranger !!!!

  • You can fight this battle... I understand what you are going through. I am 5 mo smoke free & feel GREAT. You can do this.. I too became the biggest Bitch ever with my hubby, but that went away after the 5th day! There's hope honey... Try posting inspirational messages on a sticky note around your bathroom mirror. As far as gaining weight, I joined planet fitness;primarily to build my cardio up. You & hubby can join together to strengthen the cardio & everything elese will fall into place (weight loss). And last stay out of the DAMN CASINO.. THAT IS YOUR TRIGGER! How about put that $into a gym membership or to celebrate your 6 mo smoke free on a vaca. GOOD LUCK

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