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Stopping smoking

Hi I'm new .. I need advice I stopped smoking 9 days ago using patches. I did well but now I'm considering smoking because I am miserable 😞

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Welcome gingerjane but Nooooooooooo don't do it... It's a withdrawal side effect 🙁You are doing sooooo well and this will pass I promise 😊

Do me a favour and go treat yourself to something nice with the money you have saved by not smoking 😊😊

Look giving up smoking ain't easy but that nasty nic will do anything to get you back smoking. You have stopped putting 4000+ toxins in your body, including formaldehyde, do ya really want to go back???? Do you want to go back to having a breath that smells like a damp butt ashtray??? Do you want to go back to smelling disgusting??? Do you want to stand outside in crap weather to feed your habit??? No of course you don't so have a good mooch around the site, come on here and rant and rave and we will give you as much support as we can 😃😃👍👍👍

Please stick with it 😊😊😊😊

We say NOPE Not One Puff Ever


Hi Jane, congratulations on 9 days no smoking that's a massive achievement.

You said u used patches often a second NRT is helpful to get u thru cravings. Gum inhalator etc.

As for feeling miserable it's terrible that smoking has done that to you. I think u should be glad u have stopped.

Try to distract yourself, treat yourself, take some time out for yourself.

Feel proud of what you have done the first few days are the worst and ur past that. Don't give up on quitting it's not worth going thru it all again.

Try to reframe ur thoughts you're not giving something up you're taking something up like a new healthier life.

I know it's tough when u feel miserable but it will pass and smoking doesn't make u happy.

Hope this helps? Good luck xx



Hi GingerJane! Sorry you are not feeling well -- a variety of temporary and unpleasant side-effects often happens to many people who quit -- especially in the first weeks. In the end it is more than worth it (in fact, priceless!) to stay stopped!

Most of the symptoms will pass soon as they are your brain and body making adjustments after being addicted and poisoned! I recommend looking at some of the saved / pinned posts here and you will likely find topics you can relate to. Using patches? --- patches that are too strong can make you nauseous, You can also see your GP to discuss medical issues.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


Hi Ginger and a big warm welcome to quit support

The others have given you some great advice :) :)

What you are feeling is perfectly normal and it does pass.

You have got through 9 days....That is just sensational :) :) and you should be feeling very proud of your achievements as we all know it is not easy :) :)

When we quit smoking Ole mr Nic tries to get you back smoking by making your feel miserable.. :O :O these feeling will pass..

have a read of some of the pinned posts on the right of the screen as there is a wealth of information :) :)

Please try and hang in there :) :)

Does that make your quit date the 13th of November? Let me know so I can add you to our wall of winners.

When the going gets tough, come on here and rant or just for a chat as is acts as a distraction :) :) You can do this

We all have to be in the right frame of mind to quit...BELIEVE that you can do it and you will :) :)

Linda xx


Thanks Linda ..  Sorry for the late reply I forgot my password !! I stopped on the 11th of November ..  I'm struggling now with Weight gain 😩😩


Weight gain is very common for a couple of reasons. When we smoke, this speeds up our metabolism, so when we quit it slows down to the normal pace. Also it can be the hand mouth thing - we replace cigarettes with food. Cravings are similar to hunger pangs so we eat when we are not hungry😟🤔🤔😟

I found increasing physical activity - when I quit I brought a pedometer and slowly increased my steps to 10,000 a day. I don't settle for any less which can be tough when you have a desk job..

Carry extra weight is a lot better for you than smoking...when you are ready, losing the few extra pounds will be your next challenge 👍


Hi Jane,

I'm sure we all know the feeling, the first time I tried to quit I cried for a week because I was so miserable at the thought that I would never smoke again ...so I started again. I have been having quit attempts for years that fail because of my misery.

Not this time, it's a con Jane you're not miserable because you've stopped you're miserable because you started smoking in the first place and the addiction wants you back in its filthy stinking claws...oh no not this time..tell that filthy stinker he has lost you forever so he can shuffle off in his stinky haze but you aren't going with him again because you're staying here with us.

Please give it time it will pass, good luck😉😀


Don't gingerjane you are doing fantastic 9 days that's the nicotine monster trying to trick u into feeding him so don't let him win it will pass go for a walk or treat yourself to someting nice for you and you will feel better it will pass gets easier 😃👍


Hi Gingerjane well done 9 days is a great achievement It will get better every day So just keep saying Nope



Good morning Gingerjane☕️☕️

I was like you too. My withdrawals were terrible for three weeks. I was spaced out, exhausted, nauseous , headaches...... Need I go on.......... But... I kept on this site and connected with support people and they helped me get through every miserable day and now I feel better...... It does get better........ I wrote down the reason I need to be off cigarettes....... For me it's stroke....... Young women in my family have strokes who smoke ....... Always scared me but I was too hooked.... I knew inside I needed to stop smoking

Keep up your quit.....9 days is awesome 👏🎉🎉🎉




Well done ..  My daughter had 2 strokes before the age of 1 .. I think I need to write down my reasons for stopping as I have been thinking of starting again as I'm putting on weight 


Good evening Gingerjane,

Weight is an issue for me too.  I've put on 10 lbs but I'm stopping all sugary foods, white bread, pasta  cause those are foods that put weight on me fast!  I've started doing weights again ( not heavy) and making sure I walk every day... Please don't light up ... Write your reason down why you have to not smoke ever.....4 months is an awesome quit....... I thought smoking helped me cope .... I don't miss it anymore ...

Best wishes from🇨🇦



Hi ginger, glad you remembered your password 😊

Look at you with a shiny 4 months smoke free winners badge😊😊

Do NOT smoke again..... If you go back to smoking you will NOT lose the weight you have put on unless you exercise and eat healthy..... Trust me as that is what happened to me last time 😟 So you may as well just stay quit and just exercise and eat veg (yuck). 

You know that you are doing the very best thing for your health by not smoking, do you really want to go through the withdrawal all over again?? I for one definitely don't 😟

Please keep at it, I'm sure your family and friends are proud of you as we all are😊  Do me a favour and write the password down so you can come on here as often as you need to and we will support you😊

Good luck hun and remember NOPE 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


Hiya Jane and welcome to quit support😊

Congratulations on 9 days quit, great achievement👍🏼

You've come this far so please don't consider going back, keep your eyes firmly fixed on going forwards👀 coz you will honestly be thankful you did.

Be happy for all the good things that are ahead of you as a non smoker.

Believe in yourself and you CAN do it and all these lovely members on here are ready to help you. One step at a time💐x


Honestly what your feeling is normal. Smoking must be really bad if it's make you this Ill from not doing it. This is the view I had .. No it's not easy but then you've managed 9 days and that's got to be the hardest part.

I just eat a lot of Choclate for the first couple of months , then got fat so you can't really win!! I was ill for about 9 months and the first 6 months of my quit I was my docs work wife, I was going in once a week for something I couldn't relax endless I knew where I would go once the docs where shut for a bank holiday. I still have anxiety but I'm not googling cancer symptoms so much and diagnosing myself with something different every week.

You are and have done really well I'm nearly a year and not quite right, still a moaner but I think that's just me!! Getting happeier, my skin is better and not grey . Every time I look at what I've saved I smile a lot and even brought myself an Apple Watch with my loose change..

Honestly take one day at a time or even a day part at a time . It will be fine and will get better. Use this site it will help I still use it and it's helped me. Do I miss smoking yes but don't crave like I did.😀😀


Angeline........sooooo can relate to what you wrote......Thankyou so much for that !!!!!! You really helped me🌹 I really believe I am on a similar path as you've experienced in the last year...... I'm hooked.... Yes....... Want to smoke...... Yes......... But won't ........ Nope



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Two months is a fantastic achievement and you have worked out that drinking is a trigger, which is good, I still can't drink . But with the medication your on with the help of your GPs hopefully every thing will settle down sooner rather than later for you..xx


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