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stopping smoking

i quit smoking 6 weeks ago and yesterday i stupidly had 15 fags does this mean i have to start again from quitting smoking iam not happy with myself i keep stopping and starting when i get so many weeks but iam determined to do it this time i dont why i did it i was on patches and lozengers but i ran out lozengers and i keeping feeling really sick

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Hi Kingfisher,

Try looking back on what made you have that first cigarette after not smoking for 6 weeks. Know what the catalyst is, will help you in putting strategies in place so that when face with the same situation you are not tempted.. :) :)

Many people have experienced the stop start routine before they finally quit.. Have you ever read the Easy way to give up smoking book by Allan Carr - it is available as a pdf download ( just google it) This may help you put smoking into prospective. It has helped many people quit smoking :) :)

Maybe when you are tempted to light up, come on here and vent, sometimes just that distraction is all you need :) :)

Dont ever quit trying to quit smoking as you will win in the end :) :) . No one said it is easy but we all say it is so worth it :) :)

You really do have to make the decision to quit and from there, have the strong determination to make it happen :) :) The NRT is there to help ease the side effects but it is only you and and your strong desire to stay smoke free that can make it happen :) :)

This is not intended to sound harsh - I am just being honest with you.. We have a great support network on here and I for one would never have been so successful in my own quit without all the wonderful members here. Just knowing that they all are on that same journey really does help :) :)

All the very best of luck and stay close ..let us know how you are doing :) we will help you any way that we can :)


Hiya kingfisher, I feel for you coz you're determined to quit and you had a little set back😥 it can happen to anyone but if I was you, don't dwell on past mistakes and keep going as you've learned that you can very easily light up again😩 it's something that we really have to be aware of. I say this as sometimes when I'm with smokers I say to myself I'd love one BUT it would be easy to have one and then I'd have to start all over again😱 You've got to fight a few battles to win the war👍🏼 so keep fighting😊x


Hi ya Kingfisher :) the first thing am going to say to you is THANKYOU for being sooo honest with us :) :)

I'm so sorry Kingfisher :( if you had only had 1 fag, then we could have overlooked it perhaps, but 15 is a bit much :o Try to remember NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) cos now you know, 1 leads to another and another and then your smoking again :o The girls have given you some great advice :) :) to which I cant really better, BUT, I will say this Kingfisher, you have to really WANT to quit to quit :) cos I myself found that out after ermmm umpteen times :o :D

Please do not punish yourself :) please just sit yourself down and have a good think of WHY you went back to the fags :o and when you come up with a reason, then please get back to us and we will try to help you to overcome this next time eh :) :)

Kingfisher, I looooove your determination :) :) :) ha ha ha you were me a couple of years ago :o :D :D so I have some sort of feelings what your going through :o

Please Kingfisher, sit yourself down and have a good think about it :) WHY did you have that 1st fag :o :o was it cos your mates were smoking :o did something get you down :o was it a Woman or a bloke :o or did you just let yourself go :o what made you buy them fags :o ????

I'm so sorry Kingfisher, this is the hardest part of being an administrator on here :o I will have to take your Winners badge off you, BUTTTTT saying that, I will keep it safe and sound for you and flippin DUST free tooooo seee :| :D :D and I cant wait until I can award you with it again :) :)

Pete :)


Aww Kingfisher I feel for you. Like many others I did the stop start routine for years.

This time something changed and I knew I couldn't continue with that game anymore.

It was usually when I had some upset in life that I started again so it's been learning to deal with those times differently.

The thing that helped me not give in again was the NOPE mantra.

Don't beat yourself up about it, you did six weeks, you smoked for one day. You know you can do it because you got through the hardest weeks.

You can never get complacent because the cravings are always just around the corner waiting to trip you up. Quitting is difficult and there no easy way to do it.

Think about what you've achieved not the little glitch. You will definitely get there because you're strong and determined so don't let this slip up upset you or stop you achieving what you want.

Love kas



Hi kingfisher can't begin to tell you how many times I have tried , this is by far the longest i have achieved and I do not want to go back to the beginning 😞 I'm not sure I could handle the side effects again. Why don't you write down how you felt whilst smoking and how you felt afterwards....be really honest with yourself and stick it somewhere so that if you feel the urge you can read it, then kick yourself in the ankle...coZ hopefully the pain will last longer than the craving 😉😊 most of us have been there but we are here for you, good luck hun😊


i restarted on friday just gone iam determined to stick to it this time it s not good keep stopping and starting again i was really annoyed with my self when had the smoke i had the fags because i had no lozengers but what i should done is got some chewing gum instead from the shop i was really ill when had the fags wont be doing that again it is really hard but i will be kicking myself if i do i sick of starting and stopping so iam putting an end to it and keeping it up by keeping of them


Hiya kingfisher, good for you starting again, well done coz it takes courage and you have it👍🏼

Please remember to always carry gum or lozenges no matter where you go, that way you're always prepared and this will be your time to shine😊 you CAN do it and one day at a time you'll get there👏🏼😊x

Always remember our motto NOPE NOPE not one puff ever, I used to repeat this over and over to myself and believe me, it works🆗😊x


HEYYYY Kingfisher1, its flippin great to see you back and not been defeated :) :)

That flippin mr nic may have won that battle :o BUT he aint won the WAR :) :) Like you say, try to learn from it :) cos that was a practice run, now your going for the real thing and to kick that flippin mr nic where it hurts eh :) :)

Kingfisher, your sounding a lot more determined this time and am flippin loooooving it :) :) It took me quite a few attempts to quit, BUT, I didnt give up giving up :) and I flippin DID it :) :) I'm over a year quit now and flippin loving it :) :) but I wouldnt of been able to do it without this fantastic quit support community we have here and the advice and help from the lovely members :) :)

Soooo Kingfisher, if you need any help you come a flippin shouting ok :)

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