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18 months and going strong

Good Morning all you brave people, stay strong and committed if you falter put it behind you and move on, Rome was not built in a day.I don't come here often but now and again I like to give an up date of my journey and the trials and tribulation of it lol

I have stop now for 18 months, I am 59 this year and started smoking when I was 14 it was the normal thing to do, you was strange if you did not smoke. Any way we are all more informed these day and are aware of the dangers to our health and the people around us .

I made the decision to stop on my way home from the Philippines brought no duty free and just decided to stop my thought process was this, I have been traveling now for 24 hours with out a cigarette if I can do 24 I can do 48 so and so on .

That was the start and if I am honest stopping for me was not that difficult I went from 30 a day to nil yes I missed a fag with my cup of morning tea and a pint all the normal stuff but what I did do was eat and boy could I eat lol. I gained 26 kilos in 8 months I would just sit and eat and eat.

Now the Positive, my body has settled down I have lost 10 kilos of the weight I gained my eating is back under control and I am losing about a kilo a month gave or take. My bank account is looking health and I feel much healthier in myself.

I am sure by the end of this year I will be back to my normal weight. Those of you who stopped well done come and share your journey be an inspiration for all you who have just started your journey good luck if you falter don't be hard on your self just start again. I would like also to thank this site for there support keep up the good work


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Lovely to read your story Phil, 18 months - that's fantastic! :) it gives us all encouragement to continue on this difficult journey, so thanks :)


Hi Phil lovely to hear from you, and glad you sorted your weight problem out.Your an inspiration to everyone. take care. xx


wow Phil well done hun :) x


Hey Phil, lovely that you keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Well done to you!

I see you haven't even had your 12 month winner's badge!! :o Tut Tut to EmJay eh?! :D

I'll action that so you can enjoy it for a short time, before getting your 2 year winner's badge!!


Hi Phil, It's great to read of your success of 18 months quit the cigs, it gives us all inspiration to carry on the fight to stay quit.

Congrats, and stay Happy, :-)


Hi Phil, great to see you and what a truly inspirational blog. I'm sure you'll reach your weight goal. :)


HUGE congrats on an awesome quit.LOVED LOVED your post especially the bit about the weight gain.I'm nearly 8 months into my quit and I swear to God I have the appetite of an elephant,stuff I would n' t have eaten before (chocolate which I don't really like!!) gets eaten without a thought.So your post he given me heart that this too will pass and I'll get back to normal very soon.Hugs and thanks H x


Wow what an inspiration, 18 months is fantastic and cold turkey too, brilliant well done and thank you for sharing this with us you must be so proud and I am hoping I will get there too well done


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