Feeling great

Been few weeks now smoke free and I honestly feel great.

Quitting smoking was easier then I thought.

I tried previously laser, patches , gum and pills..... Nothing worked ( for me ).

Came with the brillant idea to just stop cold turkey and worked 100% ( for me ).

Made me realized that I'm mentally stronger then I ever thought!!

It's amazing :)

For all of you out there, trying to stop..... Just do it and stop finding excuses !!!

5 Replies

  • Well done

  • loving your positive attitude :) :)

  • Hey Nat, thats great news gal :) am just loving that your feeling the benefits of not smoking any more :) :)

    Stay strong now and be proud of yourself :) :)

  • Hiya Nat, sooo happy that you're feeling the benefits😊

    Well done to you for staying positive and THANKYOU for letting us know coz it really helps others👍

    I'm really proud of you, fantastic😊x

  • Hey Nat, well done hun.... cold turkey definitely works for some.... I think you have to catch it at the right time and you have obviously done that 😆😆😆 but keep your wits about you as that sneaky git mister nic can come and bite you on the ermmm arm....😮😃

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