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18th day no nicotine at all

stevenJungle14 Month Winner

HI there, after using NRT in the passed unsuccessfully. i have also tried champix that had horrible side effects for me, I tried "the easyway to stop smoking" by Dr Allen Carr.

It's a very good book that actually encourages you to smoke whilst reading the book, unless you have aiready stopped smoking. I read this book over a couple of days and have now been ftee from nicotine for over 17 days. If you have tried and failed with NRT or the piil, give this method a shot, you have nothing to loose after all. Really happy with the results, the method is akin to hypnosis. I can confidently say I will never take nicotine in any firm again. Very happy non smoker jetted after 25 years as a pack a day smoker. I believed it was difficult to stop smoking until I tried this method. Just wanted to share. Smoking actually caused stress in my life, I'm now free! Thanks to this forum to. Keep up the good work people.

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Hiya Steven and welcome to quit support :)

Congrats on your terrific achievement and thanks for sharing your quit story with us :)

Wishing you continued success in the future and well done on your quit :) :) x


Forgot to say this book is available free to download PDF so definitely worth reading ;)


Hi Steven and welcome to quit support,

Well done on your quit :) :) that is a great effort :):)...no....that is an excellent effort :D:D

Keep up the great quit you got going there :) :)

Well done Steven. You & I are somewhat kindred spirits having travelled the same NRT, Champix (I'll throw in Zyban) road without success. I also found Allen Carr's book to be a valuable resource particularly the way he puts the real "value" of smoking into perspective & deals with all our excuses for continuing to smoke. We're all motivated by health, cost & social acceptability to some degree, but asking the question, "why smoke" rather than "why quit" can indeed be liberating. Congratulations on your journey thusfar & into the future.

stevenJungle14 Month Winner in reply to roneo

Thanks mate still nicotine free since February 6th!!!

droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to stevenJungle

Way to go Steven, 9 months is fantastic but that must mean you are 10 months tomorrow 😊😊😊

Whoooohooooo 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍


Congratulations Steven on finding your way to quit the smokes and thankyou for letting us know how you've done it :) :) and of course a big warm welcome to our quit community :)

You sound very positive sooo, there's no looking back, you just keep looking forwards and be proud of yourself :)

Thankyou again for sharing :)

Pete :)

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