18th day of no smoking and it got harder

Hi everyone.

I am Tiko. The new member of the community. It is helpful really to have the opportunity the talk about the mutual issues. This is my 18 day of non-smoking. I've been trying several times for past 2 years. I'm really determined at this time.Last 3 days are really hard for me. I feel full all the time, although I don't eat much. It is 12 am now and I still feel full even though I haven't eaten since 7 PM yesterday. Did anybody have such thing? I googled and didn't find anything like this. Your thoughts would be very helpful.

Cheers - Tiko from Georgia

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  • Hiya Tiko and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

    Congratulations on 18 days quit, great achievement so well done to you👏🏼

    Unfortunately quitting can have unwanted side effects and your digestive system is in the process of change. This can be what you are experiencing. My tip would be to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. It would also help if you can manage to do some form of excercise to speed things up a bit. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables with help your system too. You are doing ever so well and this should pass as your body adjusts. Can I ask if you are using any form of NRT or are you cold turkey. This can help us to help you more. If you have a good look around the site and see symptoms of recovery on the right, it will help you have a better understanding of what changes your body is going through. Our motto is NOPE not one puff ever😊x

  • Briarwood Thank you.

    That was really helpful. I can say that I am on cold turkey. One evening I just decided not smoke. I work out at least 4 times a week. I drink 0.5 liter of water every morning and some during the day. I will increase drinking water as you suggest. Thanks a lot and I will post my future experience, that is helpful really. 4 years ago I quit smoking for two years. I felt perfect and then one day the thought that one puff will not do anything ruined everything. Not one puff ever I agree. :)


  • Cold turkey is hard initially as you get hit with side effects in a big way all at once. Having said that you'll also get over it all quicker. You've quit before so you know you can do it. This time we'll help to keep you quit and always keep saying NOPE. 18 days cold turkey and you're doing BRILLIANT so be very proud of yourself, well done😊x

  • Thank you. Now I feel much more encouraged. :)

  • Hi tiko and welcome to quit support.

    Congratulations on your 18 days quit :) :)

    You have done it before so you know you can do it again :) :)

    feel bloated is a common symptom of quitting and this is what could be giving you that feeling of being full. I am with briar, drink lots of water to help flush out those toxins. your already working out, or i would have suggested getting some exercise :) :)

    You are doing great :) :) ...Keep up the great quit

    Can you let us know your actual quit date so we can add you too our wall of winners :)

  • glolin Thank you. :)

    I will definitely start drinking a lot of water as you both suggest. I've started working out much earlier than i decided to quit. 30th June this year is my quit date. I am curious what is the period when you actually feel that you are free from this terrible habit. At first I though that 2 weeks were the hardest but now I doubt about that. My experience was as follow: First three days were very hard, but the improvement in my sleep and my breath was so good to feel that It is worth everything. I now understand that smoking is not the pleasure but is a huge problem. :)

  • i think is just so different for all of us.

    I quit just over a year ago cold turkey after smoking 30 a day for 40 years..

    Looking back, it took me till at least 6 months before i started to feel good.

    I suffered terribly with not being able to sleep, around 3 months. What i found the worst part was not being able to concentrate. In my job that is not an option and i found i would be end up catching up at night and in the weekends, but that lasted for about 6 months.

    In terms of the cravings, I found them rather easy, as I acknowledged them for what they were and with a determination to quit and stay quit it was never an issue.

    we all go through it differently, there is no right or wrong way, its really is a matter of what works best for each individual.

  • That's absolutely true:) Thanks a lot

  • I quit the day after you I think and I have also be feeling the same fullness feeling. I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and drink plenty of water so have no other reason for this sluggish digestion feeling so have decided it must have something to do with the 4000 chemicals our body was used to. Just wanted to drop by to say you weren't alone!

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