6th day Hide all the knives!

Ah the joy of saying good bye to your 20 year addiction to nicotine!

Discovering another person hiding inside of you , that is not very polite.

This is my 6 th day and I must say, I was rocking it the first 5 days.....

Now, I'm not even sure who this mean person, living inside of me, is...haha

I'm so shitty today that I isolated my self from everyone almost all day!

I'm snapping at the smallest things ...and the poor husband that has been very supportive is currently hiding all the knives ( joke ).. Haha I've been verbally abusive today....

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  • Hiya Nat, don't worry about the snapping at the little things, it's all perfectly normal👍

    I turned into that as well and I think most of the people on here would say they had days like that😱 it will most definitely pass, I promise you that😊 you really are doing an amazing job and after the first week, things will settle down a bit. It's a huge change from 20 years of smoking, so give yourself lots of credit for getting through your first week👏👏👏 remember Rome wasn't built in a day 😉 x

  • Hi again Bri,

    I know it will pass, ans thanks to people like you that understand what I'm going through and support me with the perfect words makes me want to come here everyday, even on my good days. Thank you :) xx

  • Always here for ya, bad days or good days😉 hubby Luvs ya no matter what and will be sooo proud of ya, as we all are as well👍x

  • Thank you again :)

  • Keep it up...... you are doing great!!! :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • just noticed my new badge.....1 year today!!!!! :-D

  • That's great Adidas!! I guess it does get easy after a while, wounded how I can change my profile picture , I log in with FB and it's not giving me the option....any clues ?

  • take a photo and make sure its no more than 2 mb and then go to your profile...you might have to crop it!!!

  • Thanks , but I don't see the option to change the profile picture when I'm editing profile!! Or Edith the background. Maybe it's because I'm on a cell?

  • Try on a pc it might be easier....

  • I did, and it worked :-) thanks from Iphone couldn't do it

  • '-)

  • Hi Nat,

    Sorry but i did smile when i read your post. It reminded me of myself when i quit. I was fortunate that hubby's job takes him away from home and i chose to quit when he was going to be away for 3 weeks as i though i would be the horror head from hell :D :D

    The first 4 weeks are the worst, hang in there, each new day you get a little stronger at managing your emotions

    Your truly are doing very well :) :)


  • Hi Glo, thanks for your reply and congrats to you as well for stoping!

    It's a roller coaster !!

    No matter what. I will not smoke!!

  • good stuff, and yes it sure is a roller coaster for the first few weeks :)

  • You are doing great, for me it's a little voice in my head saying that I need a smoke😡 If I'm not careful I think my kids will be calling the men from the lunatic ward to come and pick me up😂😂 keep arguing with myself but still not smoking. You are going to get through this part and I'm sure you hubby will survive too. Take care xx

  • Hi Deb,

    I know!! we all deal differently with the withdraw from nicotine.

    Keep up the fight, your already the winner!

    Thank you as well for your support :-)


  • It happens chill not be long till it passes xxx

  • Oh it did pass Icky, then came back...then left again..lol

    Good thing, everyone is still hiding from me...lmao

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