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I have just been for a 4km walk with Widge and Tets. It was quite cold, but the sun was shoning. It was great, and I didn't stumble once!

Widge seems to be coping much better now, and although her left leg does a 360* swing, she does not seem sore in her back. It's almost 7 months now, so I hope she is fixed.

I also want to say 'well done' to all of you who have stopped smoking! I wish I could give up eating fattening foods. Maybe February is a good time to start. I'll let you know!!!

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Hi Nutkin, your all doing well. Thats what we like to hear. :)


Hi Nutkin. a 4km is a great walk. you are doing so very well in your recovery, one day at a time :)


Debs, a 4km walk is great news gal AND you didnt stumble, thats got to be good eh :) :) and Widge is getting much better too :)

Debs, although you have never smoked, I think we all want the same thing and that is to be FREE again to do what we want to do :) :) and it sounds like you and Widge are getting very close to being FREE again :)

As for you cutting the fattening foods out, I think February is an excellent month to start :) I shall be watching you very closely young Lady :o :D :D

You and Widge take care now and I expect an update every week seeeee :) :D :D


Ok. I'll try and remember !! ???


Wow, a 4 km walk that's terrific and you should be proud of yourself :) :) x


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