Last Night - big scare

I am still shaken about an experience last night that I've never been in before.  It's taken me until now to even post about it.  Sorry for the length.  The fact that I did not light up after being so scared I think is proof to me that this quit is for the long hall.

quick background: I was forced to move in January of this year, due to the building I was living in being permanently closed, which the notice was given to myself and the other tenants December 27, 2015.

I am now renting the first floor of a home and my land lords live on the second floor.  it was a hasty move so I didn't have much time to think or get info on the people I was moving under.

The husband / wife are heavy drinkers, and this was not the first time that I've heard them screaming at eachother which already stresses me out.

but what I heard last night, shook me to my core.  I heard loud banging as if furniture were being knocked over..and then the yelling started, I went to shower to drown them out and I heard the husband say "I am going to put a bullet in your head" to his wife, then he said it one more time, slower..more thoughtful.

I couldn't even move, I know there are guns in the home, he used to hunt and does target shooting, I have my license to carry but I have not purchased my first fire arm yet (I've been at ranges and I'm a very good shot and I enjoy target shooting very much), all I have is a baseball bat for protection from where I lived before and was hoping I would never feel a need to use it.

I texted my father with what I had just heard and he told me to get out of there and to come to my parents house, when I got there I tried to call the wife to see if she was OK, but the phone picked up and hung up, I tried calling a second time and the phone was busy.

my parents told me to wait with them for 30 mins and then try calling again, I wasn't sure if I should call the police or if this was a typical drunken fight for them and I just hadn't heard it get this bad..i did finally get a hold of the wife, she assured me he's only verbally not physically abusive and would never hurt me..needless to doesn't make me feel 1 ounce better.  I told her that I was scared for her and for me, and that she shouldn't put up with that, he threatened her...I told her I almost called the police and she just thanked me for my concern.  she said he got too rough with their dog (who is older) the dog nipped at him and that set him off, she told him to be quiet and leave the dog along which is when the whole fight blew up.

I am very uncomfortable now being in my home, moving this year was such a stress, and now I know I need to move again.

no one need to respond if you don't wish too, I just needed to get this off my chest as I've not been able to focus much at work coz a cig keeps sounding good right about now.

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  • Wow, that sounds pretty scary! I would consider moving if i was you. But WELL DONE for not smoking!!!

  • Yes, I just moved in Jan, but I still have a few boxes that I didn't unpack and I'm going to start collecting boxes again and get out of there.

  • Good for,  you Safer I think :) x

  • Flipping heck Carissa , That was scary, what an experience to go through, and you never reached for a cig . Well done you, how Brave and Strong are you :) If I were you would start looking for another place, don't like the sound of your neighbours and let's be honest it will happen again. If you can get through last night without a cig , you don't need one now. Stay Strong and Take Care 

    Maddy xx

  • OMG that's an awful experience for you to have to go through😱

    I can't begin to imagine how terrifying it was for you. So glad you have parents to go to and if I was you, I'd certainly look for somewhere else to live. 

    It took great courage and strength not to light up and you should be very proud of yourself for that. Well done and we are always here to listen coz it certainly isn't good for you to have that sort of thing going on. I hope you can find somewhere else to live. Thinking of you💐😊

  • thank you all, my father is a real estate agent, and I sent him a note that perhaps it's time for me to own my own home, I know, being a single woman, affording this will not be easy, but the past 2 places I lived were not the safest, and it appears I am once again unsafe, I've only rented space so far, I am praying for God to guide me to where I need to be. 

    I am almost shocked that I didn't grab a pack of cigs while driving to my parents..or on the way back to where I live once the wife confirmed to me that the husband was passed out cold did I dare go back.

    I am still feeling the urge for one, putting fake dependence on them that if I had one it would give me the courage I need, but as you all have said, the courage I needed last night came from within me and not from a cig!

  • Omg girl go to your parents until you have your own home well done on not lighting up but sound like  that was the last thing on your mind be safe xx

  • Fliippin eck...... That sounded well scary....Time to get the hell out of dodge carissa 😉 Yep time to move and the fact that you didn't smoke with all that going on then you can definitely deal with moving again 😊👍

  • Wow!!!mmyou need to get out there and stay out

    Well done you for not lighting up - for being so early in your quit - that my dear is a massive achievement...😀😀👍👍😀😀🚭🚭🚭✅✅

  • Thank you all!!  I stayed away a while before coming "home" tonight to be sure I wouldn't run into them, 2 boxes packed so far :) at least the hardest things are being thrown at me first so that it can only get easier!!  Take care all and sweet dreams!

  • Hey Carissa,

    If it were me in the situation, I would keep to myself and not make waves.. Drunks  cannot be reasoned with..   Keep cool and calm while you find a new place to live .... Sending a prayer your way from 🇨🇦xxxxxx

    Ps  ... you're so strong and determined not to light up

  • Thank you Arizona!  I am absolutely keeping to myself as you said!  and I am quietly looking for a new place, thank you for the prayers in my time of need :)

  • Carissa, My heart goes out to you gal where ever you are :) :) and loads a huggs and xxxx tooooo, we are all with you :) :) 

    I know now, you are a WINNER  :) :) God Carissa, you must have been scared stiff :o BUT you didnt light up and I truly BOW down to you :) :) 

    Carissa, I know its going to be hard for you to move again !! but you just got to gal, cos I tell you, I do not want you staying their a minute longer than you have to  :) :) Keep it quiet like our lovely Arizona has said and when you find your new place, just goooooo and leave em to it :) :) 

    Good luck Carissa and we will be with you allllll the way :) :) xx

  • Thank you so much :)

  • This sounds absolutely horrendous :( i really feel for you here. well done for not lighting up though, thats really good and shows you are moving forward in your quit journey :) xx 

  • Good God sweet heart !! All I can say is move... I don't care what the reason was for the fight the simple fact is alcohol and guns don't mix. You need to feel safe and at peace.  I am in awe that you didn't smoke I am not sure that I wouldn't have cracked.  Be careful please.

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