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Update on Jillygirl

Update on Jillygirl

Hi Everyone,

I had a message from Jillygirl this morning to say that she has been back in hospital since Tuesday. Following on from her chemo 10 days ago she has had every side effect possible so it sounds as though she has been in the wars a bit bless.

She says that she is on the mend now and wants me ti let the crazy gang to know how she is ;-/

Obviously I don't know who she is talking about but thought I'd keep you all posted instead :D

Shall be sending more positive vibes and love all the way from us to Jillygirl and her family :-)

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I'm sorry to hear that Jillygirl got all those nasty side effects :( but glad she's on the mend now :)

Big hugs and love to Jillygirl and her family xxxXxxxxxx :)


Oooooh Sue, I'm sure if Jillygirl didn't read it or hear you the first time, she must have got it 2nd time round.... Or third... or 4th... or 5th for that matter ;-)

Me thinks the gremlins are about :-/


There is gremlins Emjay cause now i'm having problems deleting them :o :D :D


God help her, somethink that can save our lives yet is so poisonous to our system. Its a good job the Doctors can help with the horrible side affect,s and make her feel more comfortable. Best wishes Jillygirl, get well soon. xxx



Awwwww poor Jilly, I was worrying about her at begining of week but she said she went for chemo on mondays or tuesdays so thought Id leave it for a few days coz i thought she would be a bit wabbid.

Apparently if you get real bad side effects its a good sign.

Sending her loads of wishes


Ah Jilly, so sorry that you're getting the worse side of the chemo and I hope you get back home again asap.

Meg hugs and all the best, Andi xxxxxxxx


Big hugs jillygirl,hope everyday gets better xxx


Hi Emjay, thank you so so much for letting us erm crazies know how our Jillygirl is, I luv ya for that gal :)

Jillygirl - I am sure that the Docs and nurses are doin their best for you gal :) and hopefully got it sorted for you this time eh :)

I cant begin to imagine how it is for you having chemo :o as i said before one of my Brother in laws had to have it, but he just lost a lot of weight, its funny how we are all the same but all different :o take care Jillygirl, and show that chemo who's the flippin boss!!!!

Loads of big huggs and lots & lots of love headin to you and your Family Jillygirl :) :)

Get better soon gal, cos I aint took the micky out of you for ages :o :D :D


Hi Jillygirl Stay strong and positive and you will get through this especially with all this good gang of supporters behind you..xx


Hey there Jilly,

I hope that you feel lots better soon, the side effects of the chemo must be awful for you! Is there an alternative treatment that they can give you?

Big hugs! You're in my thoughts and prayers!



Just wish to send you love and good vibes :)


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