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Horse Riding

Today, I went for a private RDA lesson at Stocks Farm. I rode a horse called Double Take, and I walked, trotted (rising), and cantered. So much better that last Friday, when I had only 10 minutes on a horse!

I couldn't believe how disjointed I have become. My right hand and leg was moving all over the place. Luckily, Take didn't mind, and I actually got him going quite well!

My instructor, Sue, was very pleased with me! I will go every second week, and ride the mechanical horse in between. Who knows where I'll end up!

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Wey hey nutkin, that's fantastic news :)

Great progress, well done :)

There ain't no stopping ya now :) :) x


That's fantastic news!!! Well done you :-)


wow!!!! that is awesome nutkin...onward and upward from here :) :)

that must have given you such a sense of achievement :) :)


Thank you. We'll see if I keep it up or not. But I must say, it felt good yesterday!

Thanks xx


Hey Debs thats fantastic news :) :)

I'm sure you will keep it up cos thats what you want to do, ride a horse again like you used to :) but please dont push yourself too hard eh, you just let it flow :) and you will soon be riding over them fields again :)

Just wandering Debs :o if perhaps you could do some exercises to get your right hand and leg to synchronise again :) if you see what I mean :)

You take care now Debs cos your doing just great gal and please keep us posted :)


Thanks for your encouragement. I have been riding a mechanical horse up to now, and that has given me a lot towards coordinating my right side. It's just practice now, on a real horse. It may never come ok, but I'll keep on trying! Thanks ??


Good for you nutkin. brilliant progress


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