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The Eve of 4 months

Hi all, not been on for a while as I needed to just sort myself out with the quit but I'm pleased to say that tomorrow will be 4 months completely nicotine free!! I'd love to say it has been easy but that would be slightly untrue. One thing that I have found helpful is this, every time I get a craving (which I still get every now and then) I remember how tight and awful my lungs felt while I was inhaling the smoke. That memory beats any craving! I've joined the gym and can actually run on the treadmill (still not a pretty sight), can swim further and in the spare time have learned to crochet properly, so many benefits to stopping the habit. I would love to say that I'm noticing the financial benefit too but the gym membership and wool is eating that up nicely :)

It's a happy life being free of nicotine and the cravings do get easier so I wish everyone a lovely smoke free evening :) x

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Very well done on 16 weeks :0)

Know what you mean about not noticing the financial benifits -i too am no better off.....but i do have a new ipad, new cat scratch post and activity centre for my new (and old) cats and this is the first week i have been fresh flower free (i deserve fresh flowers but forgot to buy them!) also have several new tops and a dress - so maybe i AM. Better off :0)


Hi LilyMay73 and congratulations on your 4 month smokefree achievement. You may not have cash in your hand but you have more air on your lungs by the sound of it! Your exercise is going well and you even have relaxation sorted with your crochet. It's good hear you are happy with your achievements.

Zetters you are doing great too, enjoying your new fashions and iPad. I bet he cats are enjoying the benefits of their new toys. Go and get yourself some fresh flowers, here are some for now.



Sorry, it's not playing with my flower pics.


Hi LilyMay73, congratulations to you! You're doing brilliantly and it sounds like you have plenty to show since quitting. Gym memberships don't come cheap and at least your wool isn't going to be left stinking of stale tobacco smoke now. Keep up the fantastic achievements, I'm sure your lungs are so grateful to you :-)

Zetters, I hope you nipped back out and got yourself some beautiful flowers, you deserve them. Every time you look at and smell them can be a reminder of the amazing gift that you have given to yourself and your lungs - by stopping smoking :-)


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