Stolen iPhone today!!!

Just wanted to vent my anger today, went to asda with my daughter Lucy and some lowlife has stolen my daughters iPhone 6 out of her handbag, my daughter lost her job not long before Xmas and cancelled her insurance due to monthly instalments now being hard to keep to, she is in bits, hasn't stopped crying, she has videos and pics of my grandkids her niece and nephew from birth which can never be replaced plus videos and pics of archie who we had to put to sleep Xmas eve, so upset x

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  • There really are some low lifes out there.The problem is that they just don't have a conscience & really don't care who they steal from and upset.My love and thoughts are with you & I really hope that the thief gets some kind of payback.

  • Nice one Helen :) :) xx

  • Awwww, am so so sorry Sharon, but like you say, there are some FLIPPIN lowwwwwlifes about :o I could call them something else, but not on this site eh :)

    Erm, maybe go back to the shop tomorrow and ask if they could look through there CTV vidios, if you sort of know where abouts it got stolen, then this would help them :)

  • Its why I have a crappy old nokia.... no one in their right mind would want it!!

    Sorry for your daughter but you have to keep everything close to ya and make it as hard as possible to stop these thieving gits :(

  • Hear hear Droopy, I agree with you totally gal :)

    But the thing is, we just dont think of it until it flippin happens to us eh :o then of course its too flippin late :(

  • I have a bell attached to my purse so hopefully if someone wants to lift it out of my bag, I should hear it !! but you can also get ones to attach to your phone too :)

  • I'm just wondering Sharon, erm, I'm not sure about iphones, but on my smart phone I can save all my pics etc onto iclowd and retrieve them when I want to :) even from another device :)

  • that is terrible Sharon,

    Just wondered did she have find my phone activated. Not sure how it works in your country but here, the ime number is recorded and can be traced by police once reported stolen so that the minute someone tries to use it, it can be tracked. This is not going to help with losing all your photos videos etc unless like Monky said that they are synced to icloud or backed up to itunes on the pc.

    Good luck :) :)

  • We have been back to Asda's they are going to look thru their cctv for us, the security man was very helpful but I just can't believe it, lucy worked so hard to get that phone, she treats it like her baby, she had it inside a pocket inside her bag so the security man thinks it was a professional that done it, she hasn't backed up any of her photos, she has blocked the phone so it's useless to the thief now, luckily I have saved a little bit of cash from not smoking so going to get her an older model iPhone secondhand for now, just the photos are getting to her and videos. Just gutting she cancelled insurance just a month ago almost jinxed it!! Well gotta tell u I've been puffing on my eciggie like a mad woman today!!! Still no fags tho, another test!!

  • you keeping puffing on that ecig. It sure sounds like a professional job. There are some lowlifes out there. It is such an invasion of peoples privacy when these things happen..Knows what i would like to do with the mongrels :D :D

  • If you do get a pre owned I phone then try a refurbished one from apple, they come sim free and with everything you'd get in a new box all sealed but the boxes have a plain top instead of pic of phone. I got 5s for my boy for about £300.

    Doesn't get the six back tho. Glad you were able to get it blocked. Maybe get your daughter a new handbag that has a zipped fastener either inside of on the top!

    I got a Kipling one for mum when she had her purse aken in coop, one person asking for help as another worked her bag. Took a long time to get over that, bless her.

    Good for you for not smoking, I'm sure it would have been just the thing you'd have done before, I certainly would, did, usually smoking more when angry like that, so a very big well done to you.

  • Ah Sharon, sorry to hear that and well done for staying quit coz at times like this we always seem to want a smoke, you stayed strong on your quit, so well done :)

    That's the problem with smoking it doesn't help but it's our initial reaction to stress :(

    Just goes to show you are a winner and that new badge coming up will will prove it :) x

  • Don't need things like this do you! But don't the iphones have a tracking facility, so they can be traced if they're lost or stolen? It works like GPS where they can see where your phone is although I think you have to set this up when you first get the phone. If I'm wrong about this then apologies for bad information. Ask a young person about this as they're brilliant with phones and new technology and would know what to do. But wouldn't it be great if it's worked and you find out where it is. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi, unfortunately she did not set this up when she got the phone, thank you anyway, lesson learnt!! The hardway unfortunately x

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