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A good day until I had to ring my other half to fetch me from work. Migraine is not nice and I had a doozy to end all doozy versions and finished up in bed for 6 hours but it’s gone now and I just hope it doesn’t decide to come back and haunt me because I’ve said that.

Funny how strange life is sometimes. When I walk to work it is the same route as the ‘young adults’ that attend the local high school go and normally they are all hanging about anywhere and everywhere waiting for their mates but this morning there was only one very hardy soul waiting for her mates as it was raining - very hard. Do you know it never takes me as long to walk to work when there is no school? Bad enough that I take my life in my hands sometimes with the cars (why don’t they just set off that few minutes sooner and then they wouldn’t have to speed) but when you get both cars and kids together at the same time, it is unbelievable!

Now that I have recovered slightly from the migraine it has made me even more determined to quit because although I wouldn’t tell my doctor, I think that smoking does not in any way, shape or form, help me at all and yes folks, you have guessed correctly in that I have or should that be had, some cigarettes this week and yes, unfortunately, it does include today prior to the migraine obviously. BUT no more – and I know that I have said this before but this time I am so determined even I can’t quite believe how strong my determination is. So, as I feel that strong, it is now 9 pm and I am saying that by 9 pm tomorrow night, I will have completed 24 hours without any assistance from our friendly enemy, Mr. Nic. If he comes round tomorrow he will be given short shrift and sent packing immediately – let him smoke his own cigs and those that I would have smoked as well and all yours and with luck he will also have nightmares tonight and it serves him jolly well right.

Been cold again here today and although we have had a bit of blue sky at times no sun to speak of and the rain has been horrendous as has the wind. At times, it has never seemed to be proper daylight - lights went on in our house at 5.30 pm. It seems to have calmed down a lot now and did manage to walk my two in the dry and just got in as the first few spots fell but then the heavens opened so I was glad that I had gone when I did. It’s funny though because even though the rain has been really heavy, the flowers and leaves on everything seem to manage to stay upright and bright. We have a lot of blossom trees in and around our nearest big town and for some unknown reason, although I think Mother Nature must have a reason although I don’t know what it is, it always and I mean always, seems to get more windy when the blossom is out. At the back of where I work there is a horse chestnut tree which has the ‘upside down’ cones of flowers and the wind was blowing so hard this morning that I thought it was snowing but it was the blossom from this tree that was being blown about. I was glad it was that but also sad – just hope the wind doesn’t do the same with the conkers as last year there were some really big ones and I would think they would hurt if they hit me.

Only two more days everyone and then ….. it’s the weekend. YIPPEE!! Roll on the weekend but can anyone explain to me why the weekends go so quickly. I mean, one minute it is Friday and you blink and it’s Monday morning again. It never seems to go that flipping quick when I’m working or is it because sometimes I clockwatch? Oh well, at least when I go in tomorrow I am hoping that the auditors kept their word and that they have finished so won’t be there. Causes havoc in our little car park – too many cars and not enough spaces – glad I don’t have to figure out where to park just walk through it and leave them to it!

Well, after today Iwannabe-smokefree will be on her way to being Iam-smokefree so things, as far as I am concerned, can only get better and better. I think this must be one of the shortest blogs I have ever done but feel tired so I am going to have a cup of hot chocolate (you’re all welcome to join me in that or tea or coffee if you prefer) and then bed beckons and hopefully I will have a lovely, restful sleep and wake up feeling fit and well again in the morning.

Have a rest of a nice evening everyone doing what you want to do and I wish sweet dreams to everyone.

Take care all and catch you at sometime tomorrow.

Luv, hug and a big :) from me to you.


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Good luck for tommorrow Kath. You can do it :-) :-) :-)

Sue xx


Hi ya Kath,

A massive good luck to you on your new quit date tomorrow :) :) it sounds like your determined to be smokefree, so lets hope its this time eh :) speak soon.

Pete :)


Good luck today Kath, we're all behind you :)

Lily x


Thank you all very much - feel good this am and beautiful start to the day and was out with my dogs at 6 am making the most of it (just in case it don't last!). Feel even more positive now with all your good vibes so thank you all again!

Catch you all later.

Luv and hug and a big :)



Hi Kath

Have a lovely day today, keep strong, I know you can, and we are all behind and beside you here.

Blossom's all out here too, getting a bit of a battering on some days.

I got back from work late last night, and am having today of to go to some gardens nearby where there are loads of rhododendrens and azaleas that should be out. Planning to make up a flask of coffee and foil wrap some bacon butties, and go with my hubby there for breakfast :) No cigarettes will be coming, and that's great, makes me pleased.

Best get cracking or it will be lunch not breakfast! :)

Big hug x


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