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Always dreading this!

The summer is in full swing so it is only justified that family arrive on my doorstep to take advantage of me living in Spain. However they all smoke! Getting over smoking is one problem. Having to accept that others smoke is another. God forbid I end up like my sister and refuse to allow anyone to smoke anywhere near her property. I am permitting it out on the terrace but there is no doubt I will be down wind of it somewhere! That unmistakable pong of that.......uh I can't talk about it anymore. I will rise above and bake something with cinnamon - a stronger odour to eliminate my pangs! Wish me luck!

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Good luck, and dont be tempted by your family to "just have one".

Hopefully the wind will stay in the other direction and you can enjoy the terrace too :) x


Good luck pspurs!

Go for it! Single minded determination, and be so proud! Be very proud - we're with you :)


Good luck if they are true friends they will respect your wishes. Xx


Good luck and when they see how well your doing it just might make them think how silly they look ! X


Hi Pspurs, good to hear from ya :)

Lucky you getting family visitors :)

Unlucky you that they all smoke :(

Good luck as it is tough when they light up BUT you are doing soooooo well, don't let them tempt you back to the beginning again, coz that's a place you DON 'T want to be :X

Stay strong and remember they will be going back home and you have to stay a NON smoker. You CAN do it, I know you can, just keep reminding yourself :) x


Hi Pspurs, you are doing the right thing here - planning ahead and preparing :-)

If you do feel tempted in any way, just remember the fact that one puff will inevitably lead to another so don't forget the NOPE rule;





If you do succumb to temptation - I can almost guarantee that you will want to stop again - so why put yourself in such a situation that may lead to that in the first place? :o

You only have to deal with one cigarette at a time, you can do this :-) The more smokes that your family have that you don't - then the more confident you will become :-)

We have every bit of faith and confidence in you ;-)


TRY to remember how much damage you would be doing to your health by starting again & like lovely EmJay says if you start again you'll just have to try again to stop somewhere down the line & that's going to be hard.

If you get tempted just remember how far you've come and how much better you feel and if that doesn't make you stop wanting one imagine the most beautiful balloon in the world full of bright colours and lovely smells on the outside but black viscous tar on the inside,that's what your lungs will be like if you go back,not good. I really hope you enjoy your visitors and I truly hope they'll be proud of you for getting this far. Hugs H x


Hey Pspurs, Just remember where you were a few weeks ago....ICU :(

You do NOT want to go back there so just remember what it was like lying there.... You are a really strong person and we all know that you can do this. Just remember to stand upwind of all your family or make one end of the terrace a smoking end. That way you and any other non smokers can safely sit down the other end... (you do realise that I'm assuming you have this huge villa with pool and dog - that bites....).

There only here for a short while so you will still be a non smoker when they leave :)

We are all here for ya :)


We will all be routing for you! Stay strong, it is Not easy!


Aup Pspurs, its great to see you again pal :)

Hmmm, yes it will be interesting for you and also a massive challenge tooo :o but saying that, you seem to have worked out a strategy to deal with it, which is flippin ACE pal :) :)

I have no doubt at all in my head that you will go back to smoking again, so you just hold your head up high and let your family know how much better you feel for it :) :)

But please please dont be mad with them eh, cos you can still remember when you WERE a smoker, so perhaps just put a few little suggestions their way on how you quit :) :) it may just make 1 or 2 of them think eh :) :)

Good luck Pspurs, any flippin trouble, you come on here and we will help you :) :)


oh good luck but I'm sure you will be fine xx hope the wind blows in your favour x


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