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Thankyou guys for your help, it's much appreciated! I'm not sure if this is the way to reply to your comments lol. Day 2 is a bit of a struggle today, stressing quite a lot but I'm doing things to keep me busy :) in answer to one of your questions, I've actually got a patch on, I don't think I could do cold turkey, as I need that little bit of help! I'm sure I will get there x

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Try and stay strong Crazyhou, It will get easier :) :). Remember the mind is a powerful tool. use it to remind you how you are now a non smoker and when ever you get those pesty cravings you can just shrug it off with attitude that you wont be sucked in by mister nic.

You are doing brilliantly :) :) and use this site to help you. Arm your self with Knowledge and come on and yell for help should you need it. :) :)


Hiya, yep Glolin is right it will get easier but at the moment it doesn't seem that way :)

In the beginning all we seem to think about is what we can't have :(

Distract yourself anyway you can and each day you will get stronger :)

Be very proud of yourself for doing this and hang on in there, one day at a time :) x


So Crazyhou, your using the patches to help you and very good they are too :) :) These might make you a bit ermmmmm, windy :o well they did me, untill my body got used to them :) plus, they will probably leave a red mark and will itch :o but again, this will go as your body gets used to them :)

Remember to stick them in a different place each day

I used the 24 hour patches to start with, but found I couldnt sleep, soooo, I went onto the 16 hour patches which you take off when you go to bed, job sorted :) :)

Good luck Crazy, you stick at it :)


Yeah I'm on the 24 hour ones :) put it on in the morning but I couldn't sleep very well last night so took it off! Maybe it's worth getting the 16 then. I find them a great help, does take the edge of the cravings


Stay with it Crazyhou, 5 days and you get a badge. :) You can do it. :)

Remember our motto NOPE!





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I will defo keep that in mind :) you guys are really helpful already thanks so much! :)


Hi Crazyhou and welcome :)

I gave up with patches and used the 16hour ones..... I found that I slept better if I removed the patch about 30 mins before I went to bed otherwise I had the most strangest dreams (stranger than normal)...

Good luck, stay strong and keep focussed :)


Welcome to the group Crazyhou :D


Hey Crazyhou, welcome aboard to Quit Support - our happy place :-)

The 24 hour patch is also licensed as a 16 hour one so if you find that it is working well for you, stick with it and just remove it as you go to bed. You can also leave a fresh one under your pillow, still in it's little packet (Pete recommends this) and when you wake up in the morning, it will have reached your body temperature and will stick on nicely for you :-)

As everyone says, if you do feel like you're struggling - bob on here and let us know, usually somebody will have a handy hint or tip to get you through your moment :-)

Stay strong, you can do this :-)


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