Help me i have had the worse day since i started this quit. Started great ,had a day off work the weather is lovely in Bournemouth so decided to go for a walk on the beach.  everything going great and then out of no where this urge to smoke.  this triggered my i need to eat and i have since then demolished a cooked breakfast , 2 ring doughnuts 4 biscuits and i still want to smoke. I knew it was a bit simple and trouble free, why is this happening now, Hubby in bedroom smoking a roll up i'm not sure whether to wrestle it off him or smother him with pillow.

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  • Let hubby live, and get him to smoke away from you!!!!! Go for another walk. I'll tell ya, you are going to gain some weight. It does not have to be A LOT. But it's going to happen. Keep in mind WHY you quit. Occupy that time, enjoy the donuts when you do eat them. You don't want to eat the sweets AND smoke, that would be worse. Stay focused, positive and determined. We are all pulling for you here. This is your quit! You own it GIRL! 

    Keep after your badges and kick his tail outside. 

    I think it's risky to be near him in the early stages of quitting while he's smoking. 

    Best of luck! 




  • thanks coco i know your right but sometimes i feel like having a tantrum but i will not give in

  • If I was you I'd smother him with it much better option😂😂

    Unfortunately mr nic just jumps up and demands a lot of attention, bit like a small child coz you never know where or when this is gonna happen☹️

    You are doing amazingly well🚭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 and life never runs smooth😩 time to get hubby outside to smoke from now on, ya can tell him I said so😜 Now thump a cushion and stay out of the bedroom and lots of deep breathing, nice and slow. YOU are in control🚭👍🏼😊

  • Oh I better say, I'm only joking about smothering him just in case anyone would think otherwise🤔😉

  • :) :) xxxx

  • LOL. its ok i have calmed down and i am sitting on my hands nothing is going to get the better of me

  • Opps I have just said the same, I didn't mean it literally :)) x

  • Great minds think alike😉 well done Maddy for getting through a tough day too, you and J are both WInners👍😊

  • Perhaps don't smother him but do whack him really hard with the pillow 😊 

    You're doing brilliantly but I'm afraid Mr Nic will still try to reclaim you every now and then. You just have to show him who is boss and hit him with the pillow too!!

  • thanks LilyMay Mr Nic is one sneaky little devil

  • Arh j160 . Some days are like that, and me too eating for England :) as for hubby would  smother him lol :) but hey don't please give in, you have done Fantastic. I have had the day from hell too at work, and believe me , my first reaction after the event was I wanted a cig. But you know what I rode it out , just like you . We are winners we will not give in. So here I am feeling quite proud of myself, at the way I dealt with the situation. So be proud you rode it out and won. O !!! by the way I also went out for lunch and had a big breakfast :)  

    Hugs xxx

  • thanks Maddy the reason im really worried is i cannot afford to put any weight on  i was hardly small before. My willpower for smoking seems to be fine but not for eating haha.

  • Enjoy your smoke free life...think of how kind you are being to your body by not smoking...dont worry about weight gain...its very common and when you have your quit under control, you can then work on weight...i would suggest going for healthier options .. 😀 Drinking water helps with cravings...

    you are doing brilliantly......you got this xx

  • must admit i do feel a lot calmer this morning. i know it sounds stupid but i thought that if i walked an hour a day  i would not put the weight on.   It feels like i cannot have anything at moment.

  • Hi

    Maybe the urge to smoke came along because it's the first time you took a walk on the beach since quitting.  I bet, if that's the case, you used to enjoy a cig while walking on the beach.  The trouble with addiction to nicotine is that situations trigger the urge even when the nicotine has left your body.  I found there were many 'first' situations that had that effect.  They become very easy to ignore....in fact on the rare occasion they happen to me now, it makes me smile cos I have Mr Nic sussed.....I know his tricky games 😏

  • Rozi you could well be right it was like the days i spent with my sister back when i was a smoker. Sitting outside a cafe whilst we had a coffee and she smoked. It was as if the day went on it bothered me more. well new day new start. Just so proud i did not give in. 

  • That nicotine craving will try to sneak up on you whenever you have any kind of strong emotion, even nice ones (like "oh, what a great day!" happy ).  Just keep going. You could find something to occupy your mouth, like gum, or something lower calorie - I even tried just chewing on drinking straws, and that did help. If you gain a little weight, it's still better than the damage that smoking would do to your lungs. Try not to get discouraged.  Maybe you'll influence your hubby and he'll quit too. If not, he should definitely smoke somewhere not near you. Good luck :)

  • Glad you didn't cave you have come too far and I agree with the others I would ask him to smoke outside for his own health😈haha just kidding you got this!🙋👏👏👍

  • Well done j for not giving in coz 5 weeks is awesome 😊

    As for hubby well I would have smothered him then whacked him with the pillow 😂😂 (only joking.... Would have been the other way round)😂😂😂

    Maybe now that you have given up, you could redecorate your home and make it a smoke free zone.... Or get hubby a shed and he can do what he likes in there (monky will give you a hand)😂😂🙈

    I know that it's your decision to give up and not hubby, but seriously, smoking in the bedroom ain't good for either of you..... You need some smoke free zones!!

    As to your hour walk.... Try varying the route and see if you can do it in a quicker time. That way your heart rate will quicken and may help with the weight loss 😊😊

  • I was eating like an actual horse at 5 weeks it's like you can't get it down ur throat fast enough luckily it was around Christmas so surrounded by lovely food and the now legendary trifles. It gets better but I agree you can't stop the eating lol. 

    When I was smoking I tried to go outside or stand by the kitchen door or at least shut myself in the kitchen with window open. Didn't like the smell in the rest of the house. Smoking in the bedroom is filthy and to do it when ur partner trying to give up is terrible.

    I normally like to at least pretend to stick up for the boys on here but this is pure selfish. I recommend getting real feather pillows so when you beat him with them the little ends of the feathers will scratch him. 

    Fancy going to sleep in a cloud of someone else's smoke? It's like something off 1960's tele. He needs telling and I think Droopy is the woman for the job! 😀

  • Ermmm yeah thanks for the vote of confidence Andrew although may need to bring briar & shanti...... They both have experience of annoying hubby's.... 👍😂😂😂

  • Lmao I was waiting for you to find that good you're getting organised if he slips back into his old ways won't know what's hit him with the three of you turning up pillows at the ready! Lol 😂😂


  • The power of the written word!!! 

    Well done J and a big slap on the back, well done to mister J too 😊

    I am impressed that he is gonna give you a helping hand to quit by smoking outside.... Hats off to him 😊😊😊😊

  • Oooooh J, I'm so pleased we didn't come round and smother your hubby😂

    Well done J and hubby's back in the good books for now🚭😉

  • For now or else the three girls will be round 😀

  • 😂😂😂😂 PRICELESS Andrew👍🏼

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