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Thanks to this group

Thanks to this group a lot of what I'm experiencing makes sense. I just quit smoking march 26 due to chest pain and an ER visit, that day I had my last cig. Then I experienced shortness of breath and fatigue which triggered a panic attack cause I didn't understand what I was dealing with back to the ER. All the xrays showed clear lungs and normal heart but I still had tightness in my left chest and breathing was restrictedand when telling the docs I recently quit none of them associated it to quitting smoking. So I was left feeling very alone, lost and thought I was going to have a massive heart attack at any moment and they didn't care. I went to have a stress test which I ran 11min and got my heart rate up over 190bpm so I figured if I was going to have a heart attack that would have done it (still waiting on results), so then I said must be lungs and from reading your post it it's very similar to what I'm experiencing although my lungs/chest also seem to get warm at times. I smoked menthols and I'm thinking that it's to blame. Anybody have chest warming at times?

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Hi there  mrsisk23,

I know how you feel , I think it is probably anxiety.  However its not very nice feeling..  Are you on any medication? Sometimes  tablets can give you that effect.  I know I  got it with tablets. 

I still struggle  , however I am slightly different to you as I have had cancer, and  the chemotherapy has left me with a weak heart muscle.  The docs have checked my heart and say its strong, but I do still  suffer with breathing problems now and again. 

Stay positive and  stick to healthy eating and exercise.  :) xxx


Thanks for the encouragement and no pills but since reading the post on here I don't have most of the problems anymore


I could have written this. In fact, I did about 5months ago! I was insanely worried about shortness of breath and fatigue and my lungs just feeling off. After a Spiro test, x ray, and numerous other workup with my heart, all docs said I'm fine and said must be anxiety. No one knew about the effects of quitting smoking except this group. I'm now about 6 months clean and just recently, like the last two weeks, haven't been feeling like my breath is short. The cilia is repairing and waking up trying to move the junk out, as it does that it will block up airways and give you the sensation of not breathing right. This takes about 6 months to a year to go away. Your body is just healing. 

Of course, go to the Dr. Make sure you're ok and nothing else is going on. If you get a clean bill of health and keep getting these sensations then just sit back, relax, and take pride in the fact that your body is trying to heal. One tough year of healing is better than anything else cigs can give you. Don't give up and stay proud of your quit!


Thanks so much for the support!


Hi mrsisk and welcome to quit support😊

5 weeks is terrific, well done to you. Sorry it's been such a difficult time but as Jilly has said, anxiety isn't nice but can be a side effect of quitting. Sometimes I think we wonder how on earth we can cope without lighting up😩 We can but it takes practise to learn new skills. Each day we get a little better at it. Sounds like you're very fit having been checked out, which is good. Keep going coz you're doing great and most side effects will usually pass. Your body is repairing the damage so please be patient.

NOPE not one puff ever🚭  Good luck🍀

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Thanks for the support! You guys and gals are awesome!

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