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Thank you for all the input on my last notification, I'm not on here as much only because I'm currently covering for a colleague at work and doing my own hours and basically exhausted! Lol, not roneo because I am smoking again!!! So don't you worry! I have no intention of ever lighting up again even if doubts and Mr nic keeps prodding me with his stick every now and again, I love the fact Im not smelly or controlled by cigarettes and that I have a few more pennies in my purse, all the informTion on my last post was very positive and I have taken it all onboard, thank you, I'm now 4 months quit yayyyyy!!!!!!!

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Please can I have a new badge! Xxx


congratulations on 4 months Sharon....that is awesome :) :)



Massive congratulations Sharon on your 4 month quit, well done hun :)

Terrific achievement and really happy to hear you're staying positive through it all :) :) x



Good to hear from you Sharon......& also a relief. Sorry I doubted but I was just concerned for you.


Arh roneo, I Won't ever smoke again, not now I have come this far, I do not miss fags anymore, the cravings have gone, I forget I was ever a smoker nowadays, only hurdle now is to wean off my eciggie, down to lowest nicotine so im getting there, thank you for your concern tho anyway


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